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Help your picky eater enjoy their meal better with this Picky Eater List. Let them pick 2 from each category for a week of complain free meals.

Do you have a picky eater in your family? Do you have someone who is always asking “do I have to eat that?” or “how many bites do I have to take?”? You are not alone if you do; it’s a common thing among young kids.

They easily get hooked on certain foods and that’s all they want to eat for every meal. I mean, I remember doing it when I was little. I’m pretty sure I went a month straight eating nothing but homemade pizza on a slice of bread.


But unless you want to make a bunch of different meals (which no mom does) then you need to get your little ones to be more comfortable eating the foods you make the family.

One of the best ways to get your picky eater child excited about the food they are about to eat is by letting them be involved in the process. You can include them in the planning, the prep, and the execusion.

The Planning

Planning meals ahead of time is not only cost efficient (because you can plan meals based on sale items) but it can also take some of the daily stress off moms. Imagine not having to figure out last minute meals each day because you’ve already planned it and done your shopping ahead of time!

Also, if you haven’t tried Grocery Pickup from Walmart….what are you waiting for?!

Not only can planning ahead of time benefit you, but it can be a help to your kids as well. This is where the picky eater “help” comes into play. Give them a list of mom-approved foods and let them pick 2 from each category to be included in the menu for that week.

When they get to decide the food, what else is there for them to complain about?! So by picking 2 main dishes, 2 sides and 2 fruits/veggies for the week they will enjoy at least those for the week!

picky eater foods

I created a free printable list that you can use to let your Picky Eater choose their foods. There are 2 different types in the printable. One is already filled out with a fantastic list of foods (links to recipes below) and the other is a blank one for you to fill in with your family’s favorite foods.

Get the free printable by entering your information in the box below and then check your email. It’s that easy!!

The Prep

If you’re still one who enjoys going into the store to do your grocery shopping with little ones in tow, get them involved in the shopping process. When making your grocery list, you could have your picky eater by your side making their own with crayon drawings of some of the food needed. Have them draw the foods needed to get like broccoli, milk, bananas, pasta etc.

Then when you get to the store have them tell you what is on the list and let them help you get it off the shelf to put in the cart. The excitement of buying the items can then turn into excitement when it’s time to eat the food during the week.

The Execution

Get your Picky Eater in the kitchen! No matter the age, they can help with food prep and when older they can even help with the cooking. When they are old enough, they can cut up food needed for the meal. These kid safe knives are a great thing to have for meal prep.

When they are younger, another great thing fo them to do is just putting ingredients into the meal. It can be measuring out ingredients, putting cut up food into a bowl, or stirring food together. Let them make messes and praise their efforts.

Also let them help set the table. When your picky eater is involved in the completion of the meal, they can be more excited about the meal they are about to consume!

Below you will find lists of different main dishes, sides and fruits/veggies that we have recipes for right here on MyMommyStyle. Make sure to check all of them out and let us know which ones were your kids’ favorites!

beef and broccoli over ramen noodles

Dinner Main Dish

St. Louis Mac and Cheese

Lunch Main Dish

Brown Rice in the Instant Pot

Side Dish

roasted brussel sprouts


tips and tricks for picky eaters

What are some of your kids’ favorite meals and side dishes?

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