30 Creative Recycled Art Projects

Skip the store and find supplies around the house to make these recycled art projects. 30 creative ideas will keep your kids busy crafting for a long time.

Collage of 30 recycled Art projects for kids.

Crafting with your kids is so much fun. Kids love to be creative and make small masterpieces of their own.

Reusing items in your house for art projects and crafts is a great way to teach your children about resourcefulness. Also it teaches them how to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Recycled Art Projects are cost effective. Crafting can cost a lot of money, so if you can save a little here and there by using items that you would be throwing away (or hopefully recycling).

Our List Of 30 Recycled Art Projects:

It’s amazing once I started to use recycled items around the house for crafting, I find I’m looking at my trash differently. I’m no longer throwing away empty boxes of tissues, paper towel tubes or toilet paper tubes.

Upcycled Robots

  1. Check out these silly Robots we made using anything and everything we could find around the house.
Recycled art project of robots


  1. These Bubble Wrap Flowers are just paper, paint, bubble wrap and a pom pom.
Recycled Art projects bubble wrap flowers

Marble Run

  • Take a look at this masterpiece Marble Run made up of creative recycled products.
Recycled art projects of marble runs

Egg Carton Tree

  • Only paper, pain and empty egg cartons to create this Egg carton tree from Glued to My Crafts.
recycled art project egg carton tree

Egg Carton Caterpillar

Tissue Box Monsters

recycled art projects of tissue box monsters

Dinosaur Feet

  • Put some Swiffer pads on the bottom and the kids can help you clean the floor with Tissue Box Dinosaur Feet from A Bird and a Bean.
recycled art project of tissue box dinosaur feet

Bottle Airplanes

recycled art project of shampoo bottles into airplanes

Flower Stamp

recycled art project of flowers made with bottom of 2L bottle.

Soda Bottle Flower Craft

  • You would never know a recycled 2L bottle can make these Soda Bottle flowers from A Little Pinch of Perfect.
recycled art project of soda bottle flowers craft

Soda Bottle Pig

Recycled art projects of pink pig made from 2L bottles.

Water Bottle Penguins

  • Wacky Water Bottle Penguins are from Crafts for Kids. (Sorry no link)
recycled art project penguins from water bottles.

Water Bottle Fish

  • My kids have always likes squishing water bottles once they’re empty. Now they can make this creative empty Water Bottle Fish is from Meaningful Mama.
recycled art project fish from empty water bottles

Recycled Art Sculptures

Recycled art projects of art sculptures.

Toilet Paper Roll Stamps

  • Homemade Toilet Paper Roll Stamps can give you all kinds of different shapes and designs from Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi. (Sorry no link)
recycled art project of toilet paper roll stamps.

Paper Roll Binoculars

recycled art project of toilet paper roll binoculars

Cereal Box Apples

Wrap those cereal boxes up with packing paper and create these Cereal Box Apples from No Time For Flashcards.

Recycled art projects of cereal box apples

Juice Jug Rocket

  • Save that empty juice bottle to make this Juice Jug Rocket from No Time for Flashcards.
Recycled art projects of rocket using empty juice bottle.

Tin Can Wind Chimes

  • Kids are going to need help with the cutting on these Tin Can Wind Chimes from Hands on as we Grow.
Recycled art projects of can wind chimes.

Tree Coffee Sleeve

Recycled art projects of starbucks coffee sleeve made into tree.

Paper Bag Wind Socks

  • When the store asks you paper or plastic, get the paper to make these Paper Bag Wind Socks from A Childhood List.
Recycled art projects of paper bag wind sock

Fun Noodle Painting

Recycled art projects of pool noodle painting.
  • We all know it’s not hard to eat a whole can of Pringle chips. Save that empty can and make Pringle can Rain Makers from Danya Banya.

Pringle Rain Sticks

Recycled art projects of empty pringles can made into rain sticks.

Milk Jug Bird Feeder

  • These Milk Jug bird feeders from Great Stems are the most beautiful things to add to your backyard. The birds are sure to love them and I love how they added the twig roof on the top.
Recycled art projects of milk jug bird feeder.

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