15 Ladybug Crafts for Preschool

Get creative with this fun collection of fifteen ladybug crafts that are all made with easy to find, common household items.

15 Ladybug Crafts

Can we all agree ladybug themed crafts are the cutest? They are simple enough for those little hands to put together and perfect to make after reading your favorite ladybug books.  Make one, two or why not all?

Click on the link in the title of each photo to find the directions to make each ladybug project.

1. Potato Stamp Ladybugs from My Mommy Style

These potato stamp ladybugs are easy and fun to make. You use a potato as a stamp for the body of the ladybug and black finger paint for the heads and spots.

Ladybug Craft of Potato stamp ladybugs on white paper

2. Paper Plate Ladybugs from My Mommy Style

With some red paint, a paper plate, black construction paper and goggle eyes, create this adorable ladybug craft.

Paper plate ladybug craft

3. Egg Carton Ladybugs from One Little Project

These egg carton ladybug crafts are really simple, but this project definitely requires some grown up help with young children.

Egg carton ladybug craft

4. Paper Plate Ladybug from Glued To My Crafts Blog

Needing something inexpensive and easy, this crafty ladybug plate is perfect for preschoolers.

Paper plate ladybug craft

5. Ladybug On A Leaf from Tippy Toe Crafts

Construction paper, pipe cleaners and google eyes brings this darling ladybug craft to life.

Construction paper ladybug craft

6. Grouchy Ladybugs from Finally in First

Gotta love the grouchy faces kids can make! What a fun craft to design while reading Eric Carle’s The Grouchy Ladybug.

Ladybug craft of ladybug with picture of a child making a grouchy face.

7. 3-D Ladybugs from Crafty Morning

Check out these darling 3D paper ladybugs! Put them on a card or just hang them up for fun!

Ladybug craft of 3D paper ladybugs

8. Footprint Ladybug from Crafty-Crafted

Capture how cute little feet and hands can create this silly ladybug. Watch out, it probably will tickle a little bit.

Footprint ladybug craft

9. Eric Carle inspired Ladybug Craft from I Heart Crafty Things

This masterpiece uses watercolors with a bunch of different textures making it picture frame worthy!

Ladybug art craft

10. Ladybug Sun Catchers from Here Come the Girls

Watch how the light shines through these oh-so-cheery ladybugs. Make these after reading the charming story Yoo Hoo Ladybug.

Ladybug sun catchers in a window.

11. Ladybug Stones from Fireflies and Mud Pies

Whimsically tucked into garden beds, Ladybug Stones are guaranteed to invite smiles and creative play. 

Ladybug stones in a garden

12. Toilet Paper Roll Ladybugs from Mamas Like Me

Love the green leaf with the kid’s name on these toilet paper roll lady bugs. Google eyes makes every thing fun!

Toilet paper roll ladybugs

13. Tissue Paper Ladybug from I Heart Crafty Things

Create lots of fun textures with the tissue paper on this ladybug craft. Preschoolers love to work with glue and tissue paper.

Tissue paper ladybug craft

14. Heart Ladybug from Housing a Forest

Basic construction paper, scissors and glue will put this lovely ladybug together.

Construction paper heart ladybug

15. Cardboard Ladybug from Housing a Forest

If you’re like me, I always seem to have a left over cardboard box hanging around my home. The thinner the cardboard, the easier this ladybug will be to cut out.

Cardboard painted Ladybug craft

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