Kids Summer Bucket List + Free Printable

Now that we are a few days into the Summer break from school, all the excitement is starting to wear off. The kids are starting to pull the “I’m bored” and they may even start to ask for the tablet, phone or video games more often. Because of this we like to create a Summer Bucket List. That way the kids have something to look forward to, and avoid the “i’m bored” all day long!

This printable pack comes with 3 different pages

  • A Blank Summer Bucket List
  • A Blank My Summer Goals
  • A list of 50 Summer Bucket List ideas

Blank Summer Bucket List

The quote on this paper says “let’s make today an adventure kind of day” I love that because there are so many different kinds of adventures. When you include the whole family in making this list, you are sure to have adventures in art, vacations, outdoors adventures and more.

Blank My Summer Goals

This was my favorite page to fill out with the kids. Each one has their own page, and they are making their own individual goals. There’s a place for 3 goals to read over the Summer, 3 things to see over the Summer, 3 ways to serve over the Summer, 3 things to practice over the Summer and 3 places to visit over the Summer.

This is a good time to discuss the difference between wishes and goals. Wishes are something that you hope will happen, but a goal is something that you are actively working towards completing. A goal takes hard work instead of just wishful thoughts. It’s great to use this sheet as a way for your child to understand the difference.

50 Summer Bucket List Items

Make “I’m bored” a thing of the past. Print and post this list and you will have endless amounts of fun. A bunch of these are ideas that definitely involve a parent; but there’s also a bunch of ideas that the kids can do on their own.

Don’t let this Summer pass you by without making memories. These 3 pages will help make that possible!

To get your free printable pack, just fill in the form below and it’ll be emailed to you!


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