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Kids Summer Bucket List + Free Printable

Now that we are a few days into the Summer break from school, all the excitement is starting to wear off. The kids are starting to pull the “I’m bored” and they may even start to ask for the tablet, phone or video games more often. Because of this we like to create a Summer...

Have You Taken the Emergency Preparedness Date Night Challenge?

Hello!  It’s Melanie again, from  I’m so glad the girls at My Mommy Style have invited me to share a few things this month on the topic of Emergency Preparedness.  With it being National Emergency Preparedness Month, I wanted to do something that would catch the interest of more than just those who are...

Emergency Preparedness Date Night Challenge

Hi!  I’m Melanie from and I am SO EXCITED to share this with all of MyMommyStyle’s readers today!  I have been looking forward to the month of September for a few months now.  I love that school is back in, and that everyone has fallen back into the school routine.  I love that the...

20 Free patriotic 4th of July printables for the home

These 4th of July printables make decorating for the holiday easy peasy. Printables are cute, make a big impact and they are free! Simply print out the printable and throw in a frame.    I love decorating with printables for holidays because they are cute and make a big impact. They are also super easy...

Sirius Black DIY Costume: Azkaban Prison Printable

My sister throws the most amazing Harry Potter party every Halloween. This year my husband and I decided to dress up as Sirius Black and Bellatrix Lestrange. This Sirius Black Costume printable is the perfect way to complete your look. I wanted to make the costume epic but I didn’t want to spend a ton...

Pokemon Party On a Budget

This Pokemon Party is a little boys dream come true as the boys turn into Pokemon masters by completing Pokemon challenges. The boys did everything Pokemon themed from capturing Pokemons, making Poke ball cookies, eating a Pikachu cake, and even taking a swing at a Pokemon Piñata that I made from a a dollar store...

Free wish list printable for easy Cyber Monday shopping

Christmas time is such a fun and magical time of year. We live in North Pole, Alaska so my kids are used to visiting Santa all year long since we live right down the road from the Santa House. He even remembers my kids when we stop in! This makes Christmas even more magical and...

25 Easter printables

I love that decorating for holidays is getting easier with all the adorable printables available from talented bloggers all over the internet. Here is a list of my favorite easter printables. Click on the link above each photo to find the directions on how to download and print them. Don’t forget to pin your favorite printable! Easter...

Whale Valentines with free printables

I talked about my son’s love of whales a few days ago when I talked about books about the ocean. Now I’m going to share the whale valentines he’s going to be giving to friends this year. These were pretty fun to make and they I think they turned out adorable. I didn’t add a...


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