Pokemon Party On a Budget

This Pokemon Party is a little boys dream come true as the boys turn into Pokemon masters by completing Pokemon challenges. The boys did everything Pokemon themed from capturing Pokemons, making Poke ball cookies, eating a Pikachu cake, and even taking a swing at a Pokemon Piñata that I made from a a dollar store piñata. The party was  fun and eventful with out having to spend a lot of money. If  you know me, I am all about finding ways to get the most bang for my buck so I will share everything from printables (located at the bottom of the post), food ideas, games, party favors, and even a cute video so you to can throw a epic Pokemon Party on a budget.

pokemon party


The key to hosting a good party for a bunch of little boys is the food, theme, and mostly the activities.  I normally love to go all out on a theme and decorations but I had to keep reminding myself its for a bunch of boys that will not care if my table runner matches my printable that matches the balloons. So keep it simple and focus on what the kids will remember and that is the activities.



For the Decorations, there is no need to spend a lot of money. I used wrapping paper as my table runner and  made the focus be on the Cake. I created this cake myself using a total of 4 box cake mixes and 3 tubs of  can frosting. Yep thats a lot of sugar!!  I am all about homemade cakes when needed but with little boys they will love and eat anything. The bottom layer is two 10 inch pans and the top is a total of two 8 inch pans. So that is 4 layers total.  I used gumballs for the bottom layer trim and sixlets for the middle layer. I love using sixlets  because they have such a selection of colors and total cost is less than a dollar to go around a whole cake.  I then inserted THIS printable for only 3 dollars. Next I simply wrapped drinks with THIS free printable and decorated some Easter Peeps with edible food markers to make them look like Pikachu’s




For the activities I had five different challenges they had to do complete in order to become a Pokemon Master.

COLLECT POKE BALLS: First was to put on their Pokemon belts and run around the park to collect 3 poke balls each. I made the balls with plastic golf balls from Walmart. They were cheaper then buying ping pong balls (another way to trim cost). Next I painted one side red using craft paint and then using electrical black tape for the middle trim. Now here is where I can save you some time. Learn from my mistakes. I tried using velcro dots that would then just stick to the belts. Velcro dots ended up costing a pretty penny and they looked cute, however when they boys would run around, and lets face it they are boys so you KNOW they will, the balls would quickly fall off.  So using a paper clip I made a clip so the kids could clip them onto their belts. They loved this and its perfect for them to take home.

Another money saving tip: I am all about having the party favors be used as part of the party activities or decor to get double the use just like I did in this Star Wars party with the light sabors and robes.  



SPOON RACES: Next step was to practice their balance with a spoon race and their poke ball. I had the kids line up on one side and all just run at the same time. If the ball drops they had to start over. Just another way to use those dang balls that took time to make 😉



GOTTA CATCH EM’ ALL GAME: The third task and by far the kids favorite was the “Gotta Catch Em’ All” game. I made each kid a Pokedex just like the main character on the show has. They had to run around and find the different Pokemon and throw their poke ball at it to “capture” it. Once they found that Pokemon, they could cross it off in their Pokedex. I chose a LARGE park for this party just for this reason. I really made the kids hunt for each Pokemon and it took up the most time of the party which was great. The kids had a blast. To Make my Pokedex  you need red cardstock folded in half and glue the Pokemon images inside. Then with some electrical tape and a image of a poke ball I had my son decorated the front.

Thanks to Bombshell Bling Blog for the free prints for the Pokedex  HERE and  HERE.


 Another tip: get your birthday kid involved in the crafting of the party. Less work for you and gets them excited and involved with the party planning. I find this is sometimes more fun for them to come up with ideas and plan their own party then it is to surprise them when at their party.

DECORATE A POKE BALL COOKIE: For the 4th activity I chose something to have them sit down since they just did a lot of running around. They had their drinks and decorating sugar cookies. I purchased these sugar cookies from walmart for 2 dollars for 12 cookies. I figured this was cheaper then taking my time to make them myself. Time is money people ;). With some canned frosting I had the kids decorate half the cookies red and the other half white. I then came around and frosted the black line. Super simple activity. They then added their white sixlet to the center. To get the Pokeball cookie decorating sign click HERE


POKEMON PINATA: lastly the kids all took a swing at my Pokemon Pinata. This gives me so much anxiety have a swinging stick and kids all running towards it to pick up candy. Talk about a panic attack. I am not a big fan of pinatas not only for this reason but because they can be expensive. My son BEGGED for one though so he got his wish thanks to a four dollar unicorn pinata I found at my local 99 cent store. With a little imagination and a Pokemon expert (my son) we were able to transform it (see pictures below) with the same black electrical tape and orange and yellow tissue paper. Total cost for piñata including candy was 8 dollars.












CEREMONY: Once they completed all 5 tasks, I had all the parents there line up and we held a ceremony where I would call out each kid by name and they would run through the tunnel to be awarded  (their party favor) a certificate, Pokeball and a Pokemon card. The kids had a blast all cheering each other on and me announcing their name is a very overly dramatic way :). To get the certificate I made click HERE.



Pokemon Certificate 

Poke Ball Cookie Sign

Pikachu Cake Topper

Thanks to Bombshell Bling Blog for the free prints for the Pokedex  HERE and  HERE.

Water bottle wrappers

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  • so I actually don’t have boys but this is an absolute stellar post!!  I love that this party focuses on fun through simplicity.  Recently, I also realized that the fun comes through the guests and activities rather than extravagant decorations and food.  It is such a fun discovery to make because your child is happy to have their mom back than a crazy lunatic who is so stressed to host their child’s birthday party!!ReplyCancel

    • It is so true! Guests love to be a part of the fun both children and adults! Thank you for reaching out!ReplyCancel


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