5 fun and easy birthday party games that work with any theme

Birthdays are an exciting and fun time for your child! I remember the feeling of getting ready for my own birthday parties as a child like it was yesterday. Because I can remember those feelings so well it’s probably why I want to make sure my kids have a magical and fun experience on their birthdays as well! I know those memories will last a long time. Birthday parties are fun, but can also be stressful and sometimes not even very fun to plan and execute. I used to go above and beyond for my kid’s birthday parties to point where I would be burnt out for weeks after the actual party. It was exhausting! One thing that has helped me recently is to remember that kids can have a fun and memorable party even if everything isn’t homemade. Make things a little easier on yourself and shop for some of the party supplies, decor, food, goodie bag treats and cake at Walmart! I have found that my kids enjoy their party even more when I am relaxed and having fun too. Seriously.

Walmart is the perfect one-stop destination for all of your party needs and they even have options when it comes to licensed products for the hot movies and television shows out now, including Disney Cars, Beauty and the Beast, Lego Batman, and Paw Patrol.

My daughter had a Cinderella party and decorating was so easy with the birthday section at Walmart!


Walmart is also a great place for cakes! The cakes at our local Walmart are so adorable, they do a fantastic job with the decorating and the cakes are such a good price. Here is Camille’s Jett with his smash cake from Walmart.



My daughter is looking forward to having a Moana themed birthday party this year and Walmart has so many cute party items. Some of them are specifically for Moana and they also sell cute Luau party supplies, so it’s easy to mix the two for a festive and fun party.



You can even find Moana blu ray at Walmart for a fun party activity or gift.


Walmart is your destination for everything party related to save you time and money. That also includes items for games. Below you will find our favorite birthday party games that are really easy to do and can used for any theme.



Picture musical chairs

What you will need:

  • 6-10 pictures
  • The same pictures printed smaller in a hat (or you could have descriptions of the big photos in the hat)
  • music

This is one of my favorite games to play at any party because it’s easy and the kids always have fun doing it. Print off 6-10 pictures (more pictures if it is a really large group) of anything that has to do with your theme. (My daughter had a pug party once and we used pug pictures, I’ve done this at a Halloween party and I’ve used Halloween pictures.) Tape them randomly around the room you will play the game in. Start some music and have the kids run to a picture that they want to stand by. When the music stops

Balloon stomp

  • At least two different colors of balloons (blown up), more colors if you’ll have more teams
  • twine

We have played this game at a few different parties and it has been a huge hit. It is so easy too and can be altered to fit any theme under the sun (probably). My oldest son had a whale party last year, so I’ll use his party as an example. We had four teams, black balloons were orcas, white balloons were belugas, blue balloons were blue whales and grey balloons were humpback whales. I printed tiny pictures of each of those whales and to choose teams each kid reached into a hat and chose one. After finding out which team they were on they would tie their team balloon around their ankle. Then you say start and everyone runs and tries to pop the other teams balloons. The last team left wins.


Chopstick M&M relay

What you’ll need:

  • a bowl of M&Ms (or skittles)
  • chopsticks
  • two dice
  • 3 dress up items

Have the children sit in a circle with the dress up items, bowl of M&Ms and chopsticks in the middle. Have the children start rolling the dice. If they roll doubles then they try to hurry and put on all the dress up items and then they can eat as many pieces of candy as long as they can pick them up with the chopsticks. The other children continue rolling the dice until another set of doubles is rolled. When the next person rolls doubles the person in the middle has to stop and pass the dress up items to person taking their place.


You can change this up to fit any theme to have the dress up items match the theme (for example: a princess dress, crown and shoes for a princess party or grass skirt, lei and flip flops for a luau or Moana party).


What’s in the bag

What you need:

  • a non-transparent bag
  • items for guessing

Put a few things in the bag that go along with the birthday theme – like crown, high heels, necklace, etc for a princess party. Let each child reach into the bag and choose an object, but don’t pull the object out. Let them feel it and guess what it might be.



Hot potato

What you need:

  • A hot potato
  • music

Hot potato is a classic game that kids still love. Sit in a circle and toss a small object like a beanbag or tennis ball to each other while music plays. The player who is holding the “hot potato” when the music stops is out. Continue playing until there’s only one player left.

You can easily make this game fit your theme even more by using a stuffed animal or plush doll that goes with the theme. Or you could find a ball with a character that fits your theme. Or you can even print one out and tape it on a ball or beanbag.


Have fun!


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Walmart. The opinions and text are all mine.

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