7 ways to enjoy your pool this summer


7 fun ways to enjoy your pool

Summer is slowly coming to a close. In just a few days, your kids will be back off to school (if they haven’t started already), and it will be time once again to close your pool for the season.  You need to take advantage of your backyard pool while you still can!  Read on for a few ways that you can have fun in your pool one last time before autumn makes it too cold to enjoy a relaxing dip.  


Throw An Epic Pool Party

Give your pool a proper send off by throwing an epic end of summer pool party. Invite friends and family to come enjoy themselves one last time before summer officially ends.  Have everyone bring their favorite dish to share, and make sure to provide extra towels and swimming suits in case someone forgets theirs.  Hire a DJ, rent a bounce house (especially one you can use to slide into the pool), purchase decorations to theme the event, and bring out a couple of beach balls or inflatables for guests to play with.  


Sit at the Pool’s Edge and Read

Take a book out by the pool’s edge and spend a few moments reading with your feet dangling in the cool, refreshing water.  If you’re feeling daring, use a pool floatie to float around the pool while reading (just be careful not to drop your book).  Within a few years, they may even have waterproof books, as there is a new polymer coating that is tear and water resistant, but as for now, just be careful reading around water.  If you read on your nook instead, put it in a plastic bag or waterproof case just in case you do drop it in the pool.  


Use Your Fire Pit

If you have a fire pit near your pool, bring over a few friends to sit next to it while you are and after you are done swimming.  As the sun sets, make s’mores in the burning coals, and laugh away the last few minutes of summer.  You can also have a small barbecue in your fire pit for your pool party if you can manage.  If you haven’t yet decided whether or not you should add a fire pit to your backyard, maybe this blog will convince you.  

Swimming pool party


Host a Diving Contest

If you have a diving board in your pool, throw one last diving contest for the year.  Invite your friends and family to come over and show off their moves.  If you don’t have a diving board, host a jumping contest instead, and see who can do the coolest tricks while jumping into the pool.  It may be fun to document the whole affair with Facebook Live!  Don’t forget to have prizes for the winners.  Remember to keep safety as your top priority, and remind guests to only dive in the deep end and to dive/jump as safely as possible.  


Underwater Treasure Hunt

Throw a couple of diving toys into the pool and have a contest to see who can get the most.  For extra fun, use coins instead and let guests keep whatever they find.  While kids tend to like diving for things more than adults, this game might still be a splash with your friends.  


Watch a Dive-In Movie

Place a sheet on a large wall near your pool, or if you don’t have one, rent a blow up projector screen, and project a fun water-themed movie to end the summer with a splash.  Encourage attendees to bring floaties so that they can relax in the pool without struggling to stay afloat.  If you are hosting a family-friendly party, show films such as: Finding Nemo, Surf’s Up, The Little Mermaid, and Pirates of the Caribbean.  If the party is for adults, show a scary film like: Jaws, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Open Water, etc.  Start the movie just as the sun starts to set for optimal viewing.  


What to Do If You Don’t Have a Pool

If you don’t have a pool in your backyard, there are still lots of fun water activities you can do to help you savor summer.  Here are a few games that you can play that don’t waste water: sponge ball fight, water piñata, drip, drip, splash, and water balloon hot potato.  To find out how to play them, check out this blog.  


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