7 ways having a pool is good for your health

7 reasons having a pool is good for your health

Swimming is one of the most healthy exercises that one can do. And since it is a low-impact workout, it is one that you can do well into your old age! It only makes sense that having a place to swim at your home will be wonderful for your health, and here are seven reasons why that is the case.


  1. Exercise more safely

When it comes to your typical workout routine, such as running or even lifting weights, those healthy activities can have an adverse effect on your joints. In a pool, however, those same activities become safer, and even more healthy. The resistance of the water will prevents the impact that happens when you run on solid ground or lift a weight through the air and then suddenly stop. This added resistance will also make you burn more calories while you are at it. For more information about exercises you can do in the pool, take a look at this awesome blog post here.


  1. Mental vacation at home

There are many things in our daily lives that we sometimes just need a break from. Whether it be work or the stresses of maintaining a family, we all need a break every now and then. However, the trips we get to take a couple times a year may not always do the trick. The good news about having a pool at home is that you can take a mini-vacation whenever you need it. Lying in a pool on a sunny summer day can take your mind away to other things, and make you feel fresh and ready to take on the world when you go back.


  1. Makes you more flexible

Having a pool in your home can help make you more flexible, and can be a great pairing for yoga enthusiasts. The relaxation that water provides for your muscles will naturally increase flexibility as you swim. The motions of different types of swimming strokes also increase the range of motion of your arms and legs. Water also makes your motions smooth, which helps your muscles become more well-balanced as they grow.


  1. Get in shape and stay that way

If you are looking for a great way to lose weight, look no further than your own backyard swimming pool! Swimming is a wonderful way to lose weight and get your body up to tip top shape. This is because swimming is a cardio exercise and strength-based exercise at the same time, thus burning calories and creating muscle simultaneously. Swimming also uses nearly your entire body, working out many groups of muscles evenly, giving you a sleek and well-rounded appearance. Did I mention that it is fun, too?


  1. Great social activity

These days, it can be hard to get people to be social with each other, especially kids! There are so many electronic distractions that we may sometimes neglect the people around us. Well, those pesky phones definitely can’t go in the swimming pool, which is where everyone will want to be! Swimming pools can spell fun for the whole family on a Saturday afternoon. They are also great for parties, or even just a neighborhood fun-spot to stay out of the heat on a hot day. In private, they also can make for a wonderful romantic activity at the beginning or end of a lovely date night.


  1. Have a healthy heart

Routinely swimming to exercise can lead to lower cholesterol, and a happy, healthy heart! It is a very efficient way to lower your blood pressure. Your heart also becomes stronger when you are exercising with your entire body because it makes you breathe heavier, the same is true of your lunges. This makes swimming a wonderful activity for those who want to live longer. And when you get older, you can still keep swimming because of the low-impact nature of it!


  1. Natural stress relief

Lying down and letting your body become engulfed in a pool can be extremely comforting. Water naturally relaxes your muscles and your brain, easing any stress that may be built up inside of you. It is also a great way to calm your nerves and control your breathing, both of which have been proven to reduce stress. The physical activity of swimming can also relieve stress and headaches because it releases endorphins, hormones that set off “feel good” reactors in your brain.

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