12 goals you can achieve before summer ends

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Few things in life are as satisfying as achieving a goal that you have set for yourself. When New Year’s Day strikes, most of us give some thought to what we would like to accomplish in the coming year; however, we often forget about our goals by spring. New Year’s resolutions often consist of large goals which is a key reason why we frequently fail at them. As mentioned here, setting grandiose, complicated goals actually makes it harder for us to improve. The secret to goal setting success is to focus on worthy pursuits that are important, while keeping the goal itself simple and straightforward. With that in mind, here are 12 reasonable goals that will help you succeed this summer:

  1. Call an old friend to catch up. Choose a good friend from your past and call them. If possible, skip texting or using social media and enjoy an old fashioned voice to voice conversation instead.
  1. Read a book for fun. Borrow, check out, download, or purchase a book that you have been meaning to read for years. Select a book you want to read for no other purpose than to be entertained.
  1. Go on a hike. Take advantage of the nice summer weather and enjoy the best that nature has to offer in your area. If you don’t live close to the mountains, look for a walking path in a local park.
  1. Eat healthier on Tuesdays. Pick one day a week when you will choose the healthiest option available for everything you eat. Deciding to eat healthier can be overwhelming, but sticking to your new rules one day out of seven is much easier.
  1. Save some money. Open a new savings account or transfer money to an existing savings account. Whether your goal is $100 or $1,000, choose an amount that is feasible for you and set that money safely aside.
  1. Get prints of some photos. Handheld devices make it so easy to capture dozens of memories every single day; however, most of those memories never make it past our screens. Choose your favorite photos from the past year and get actual photos printed.
  1. Sleep outside. Go camping. Set up a tent in your backyard. Sleep in a hammock. Sleep under the stars. Sleep on your trampoline. Choose the option that is most comfortable for you and spend one night outside.
  1. Drink more water. Water is always the best way to stay hydrated and is especially important to consume in the summer heat. Opt for water when selecting a beverage and take a water bottle along with you throughout the day.
  1. Record one personal story. Your life is made up of countless stories. Choose one of your favorite experiences and record that story by hand in a journal or as a letter to yourself or a family member in the future.
  1. Eat corn on the cob. Choose one food that is a common summer indulgence and make it a priority to really enjoy it. Whether you choose corn on the cob, watermelon, strawberry shortcake, or a sno cone, is totally up to you. Just choose something you like!
  1. Make eye contact and say hello. Make the effort to look EVERYONE you come in contact with directly in the eye and say hello. This is especially appreciated when you add a smile too. Practicing this routine will increase your confidence, make you more aware of your surroundings, and may even make someone else’s day too.
  1. Explore something new. Entertain a new idea. Try out a new style. Taste a new food. Go to a movie you’d normally skip. Visit a place you’ve never explored. Learn phrases in a new language. Learn to cook a new recipe. Attend a sporting event for a less popular sport. Check out a local concert, art walk, or fundraiser. You can choose from thousands of ways to explore something new every day.


With a little effort on your part, you can easily achieve all 12 of these goals over the remaining days of this summer. Use this list as inspiration to create your own list of simple goals that will help you to get more out of life and to enjoy the satisfaction of working toward a goal that matters to you.

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