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15 Clever Beach Hacks

I love going to sandy beaches and enjoying the day by the water. Here are some beach hacks for your next adventure.     Drive in beach it. If possible drive down as far as you can onto the beach. Depending on the beach/lake area you may be able to park your car close to…

Does reading make you smarter?

Have you ever wondered why schools and educators push kids to read so much? After all, there are different kinds of intelligence. Why should there be so much focus on just one way of learning? Many have argued that our society–and education system–is too harshly slanted towards rewarding visual learners. Is the obsession with reading…

12 goals you can achieve before summer ends

Few things in life are as satisfying as achieving a goal that you have set for yourself. When New Year’s Day strikes, most of us give some thought to what we would like to accomplish in the coming year; however, we often forget about our goals by spring. New Year’s resolutions often consist of large…

15 Great Ways to Makeover Your Yard

This year is the perfect time to makeover your yard. Check out these fabulous yard trends for 2015 to find the perfect outdoor solutions for your property. Many of this year’s trends are environment friendly, upkeep friendly, and budget friendly. Install a Fire Pit: These are decorative, give light, and can be used for cooking….