15 Clever Beach Hacks

I love going to sandy beaches and enjoying the day by the water. Here are some beach hacks for your next adventure.



Drive in beach it.

If possible drive down as far as you can onto the beach. Depending on the beach/lake area you may be able to park your car close to the water and that is so helpful when you have little people to carry, lunches, and all the toys and towels.

Use a wagon to lighten the load.

We recently got a collapsible wagon for our family from Radio Flyer that I love. It is small enough for transport in the car and it can hold all of your gear and your children. (Seat belts included)

Pop up canopy shade.

I love pop up canopies because they can be used for sporting events or family days in the sun. It can be a nice place to nap a baby too when they are worn out and the older siblings want to keep playing.

I love this canopy from Amazon, another good option is the light speed outdoors quick cabana.

Find fun beach toys at the dollar store.
I love finding traditional beach toys from the dollar store like shovels and buckets…. but I also love buying kitchen Tools from the dollar store for the kids to use to play in the sand as well. A whisk, measuring cups, spatulas, and colanders take on a whole new life when used at the beach.

Make a bed.

Grab a fitted sheet (preferably queen or king size to create a (mostly) sand free oasis. You can make it so it is facing up with bags in each corner to hold it in place. This can be a nice little spot for you to keep a baby in or lay out your towels for sun bathing.

Shower liner.

Make a fun trench, more, and castle by making your own little lake by using a shower curtain! This is a super fun way to keep water in place or you could even use it for a make shift slip and slide if it’s strong enough.

You could bring super heroes or barbies along and make a really fun play area for your kids to enjoy wit the their toys.

Fuel up on fluids.
Bring a big jug with a spout for endless refills. This will help keep your water colder longer and keep you from having to fill up the water bottles over and over again.

If you are traveling and don’t have access to a big jug, freeze your water bottles! It is a great way to keep your lunch cool through the day and is a refreshing drink as the heat melts it into a perfect icy refreshment.

Sun stick for the face.

I love spray sunblock but I LOVE using a sunblock stick for my kids faces. I never have to worry about it getting in their eyes and it is so easy to apply. Plus, it is kind of fun to imagine it’s a glue stick. Jk. Kind of.

Easy lunches:

Pack shallow Tupperware with ready made sandwiches. Peanut butter and honey is super easy to assemble on the go.

Buy snacks that are easy to keep in the car and won’t go bad in the sun. I will typically buy a whole box of something and keep it in the car. In the summer we are on the go a lot so it is nice to have a back up of snacks if we need them.

Pack fresh veggies and fruits in zip lock bags for easy access.

Boil hot dogs in a thermos and bring the mustard and ketchup for when you get there. Super easy!

Protect your phone.

Bring a water proof case along for your phone. I really like this one and this one. If you don’t have one on hand use a ziplock bag to protect your phone, you will still be able to use it through the plastic!

Flip shoes upside down.

It’s hot out there! Flip your shoes upside down so when it is time to go you don’t burn your feet! You could also hide them under your towel or fitted sheet.

For sandy feet:

Have a spray bottle that you keep in the car to spritz onto sandy feet before heading back home. You could use a simple spray bottle like this one, or go for one with a little more power (with a hand pump) like this one.

Another option to help get sand of your feet/body is baby powder! It helps loosen the sand from your skin so you can wipe it right off!


Freeze aloe Vera into ice cubes for a nice recovery for after a day in the sun.

Apple cider vinegar offers instant relief for burns.

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