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It has been a goal of mine to stay active leading up to my pregnancy and during it as well and I was so intrigued by the LEAF by BellaBeat, an activity tracker made just for women. I reached out to this company because this was something I wanted for my own health and was given one in exchange for a review. Let me tell you what I love about it.

The leaf offers three different ways for it to be worn, it doesn’t have to be worn any one way and I love that. So depending on the situation you are in you can decide to wear it on your wrist, on a necklace, or directly on your clothing. I love that it isn’t a dead giveaway that you are wearing an activity tracker.

View More: https://whitedandelionphotography.pass.us/camille The LEAF Measures sleep, through an app that you can check on your phone – the LEAF logs sleep quality and quantity, giving the user insight into the number of hours and percentage quality of sleep. You can see how long you are in phases of deep and light sleep which is always interesting to me. Maybe for some new mothers this data can be extremely depressing because you know you aren’t getting much sleep at all! 🙂

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Tracks activity – measures daily movement, burned calories and allows the user to set daily goals to keep them motivated. The app will also let users enter specific sports and you can manually switch between different activities recognized by the LEAF, such as running, swimming, cycling, yoga, tennis and many more, giving you an even better overview of your daily movement and calorie spending.

One of the most unique things about the LEAF activity tracker is that it monitors reproductive health. By the time I had received my LEAF I was already pregnant so I didn’t get a chance to play with this part of the app, but you can enter the details of your own menstrual cycle and the LEAF will help you in identifying ovulation which can help you in a successful conception.


“By cross-referencing daily activity in the LEAF app with their menstrual cycle, women are able to better understand their health trends during this specific time. The period part of the app is equipped with witty notes designed to brighten up the user during PMS times.”

We could all use a little bit of that, am I right?

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You can practice breathing exercises with LEAF to actually reduce your stress. This is also a part of the app and the device that actually helps you practice to calm your mind and meditate for a minute.

Keeping you on task. You can use the smart alarm within the LEAF that will buzz to remind you to take a pill, drink some water, use as an alarm, or notify you if you’ve been sitting for too long. You can use the settings to decide what this level is for you.

View More: https://whitedandelionphotography.pass.us/camille

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I’ll be honest, I have struggled being active in the last few months because I have been battling nausea of the first trimester and a wicked sinus infection that lasted two whole months. Pregnant people aren’t supposed to get sick, right? Well, I am back at it and am feeling mostly human again!


You can connect with BellaBeat, the makers of the LEAF on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. BellaBeat is offering 30% off right now, this would be a great gift for yourself or an active person that you love.

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