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The Ultimate Baby Registry List

So you’re having a baby!! Congratulations and welcome to the ultimate baby registry list. This is a topic that can be a bit overwhelming, but as a mother of four I am here to help you breeze right through with tried and true products that I absolutely love. I am absolutely thrilled to be partnered...

How to Reduce Anxiety in Your Third Trimester of Pregnancy

Worried about delivery? These tips will help you reduce anxiety as you prepare for your final weeks of pregnancy. The most common worries in the third trimester involve labor and delivery. How badly will it hurt? Should you have an epidural? What effects will that have on the baby? Will people judge you if you...

How to Reduce Anxiety in your Second Trimester of Pregnancy

Anxiety in pregnancy doesn’t have a perfect formula. You told yourself that things would be better in the second trimester, but they aren’t. Everyone said you’d be feeling better physically, which is somewhat true. And, you hoped you’d feel less anxious when fears of miscarrying decreased. But you still feel bad. You’re worried that this...

How to Deal with Anxiety in the First Trimester of Pregnancy

If you are just finding out you are pregnant you may be experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions. This post with cover how to deal with anxiety in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you missed it, you can check out how to deal with pregnancy anxiety while you’re trying to get pregnant and more to...

Smartbeat video baby monitor- must have technology for any mom

Whether you are a new parent or an experienced one, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all of the “must have” items and gadgets out there for babies. Technology has come a long way since I had my first child almost 12 years ago. When I first saw the Smartbeat video baby monitor in...

Preconception Anxiety: Worrying Before You’re Even Pregnant

Preconception Anxiety is the worry and stress that comes when you’re beginning the process of trying to get pregnant. The phase when you’re trying to become pregnant – “preconception” – is usually a time when you’re learning a lot about your body—and asking a lot of questions:   “Is that a sign of ovulation?” “The...

Hospital Bag Checklist: What You’ll Really Need When The Baby Arrives

Women LOVE to share their birth stories. The beautiful, the ugly, the graphic. For some reason many women do not share what to expect just after the baby arrives. This hospital bag checklist will give you the details you need to know and perhaps some insight into what to expect with the changes happening with your...

A Hypnobabies Natural Birth Story: Meet Jensen

Preparing for a natural birth can be daunting, even when you have delivered naturally successfully before. It can be unsettling mostly because every baby is different, every mother is different, and every birth brings it’s own tale; one that remains with you as a mother forever. You may forget what you were wearing, your favorite...

Overcoming the Fear of Natural Birth

It is natural to feel fear when thinking of giving birth naturally, especially if you live in western culture. In almost every TV show, movie, commercial, or book we are fed the message of fear, pain, and the unknown. I have been there, I totally get it. Even after having given birth naturally twice and...


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