Ways to feel Beautiful While Pregnant

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Pregnancy is an incredible miracle. If you have just found out you’re pregnant make sure you read my tips of ways to survive your first trimester. I constantly marvel at my weekly updates of what is happening within my body and how my body is developing a tiny human. It truly is a marvel. Some Most days I am in the house running around after my three little humans, but on special occasions I get the chance to dress up or even take a shower! It is easy to run into the trap of feeling frumpy, saggy, or unattractive. We as women are so hard on ourselves when it comes to “fitting the perfect mold” and looking beautiful all of the time. These feelings are natural whether you are pregnant or not, but it doesn’t mean we need to dwell in that negative space.

Here are some ideas I have thought of for feeling beautiful.

Take a fancy bath

I love to take time to soak in the tub. It makes the most mundane of days feel special when you light a few candles, drop in some bath salts, and listen to some music. I also like to listen to an audio book or watch a show on my ipad! (Just be careful to not let your phone/ipad fall into the water!) It is a fun way to have some “me” time and I don’t have to be somewhere fancy to make me feel fancy.

I love to lather up with some thick body butter and have recently fallen in love with the preggo tank from Belly Bandit that actually helps your skin absorb the moisture and supports your belly at the same time.

Meditation/Prayer/Self Reflection

I am a firm believer in taking time to reflect on yourself. Read books that transport you somewhere and teach you of your divinity. Connect with a higher power or whatever it is for you that grounds you and connects you on a spiritual level. Take even 10 minutes a day to be still and calm. Hypnobabies has taught me a lot about finding calm and being able to relax myself completely. It is amazing what the strength of your mind can do if you take time to practice that muscle!

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Move your body

Moving can be a little awkward in pregnancy especially as you get into your third trimester. The benefits of walking during pregnancy is incredible and it is proven that you will have a better pregnancy/labor if you stay active while pregnant. Pregnant bodies may not be the front page of a runway magazine, but they are absolutely beautiful.

Find clothes that make you feel beautiful

Even if it is just to splurge on that special dress that you’ll wear to a shower or special event, find something that flatters your growing shape. I love the wrap dresses from Pink Blush Maternity because they have a high neckline and I don’t feel like I am “spilling out” of them.




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Finding shoes that aren’t too high of a heel but are still beautiful helps too. I love these sandals from Payless because they go with everything and the heel is just right to add a little something but I don’t feel like I am going to topple over. There are so many fun styles for Spring at Payless right now and they are having an incredible Easter sale!

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Surround yourself with people who make you feel beautiful

Those that we keep our company with shape more of our lives then we know. It is so important to be around others that make you laugh, laugh with you as you squeeze into a shirt that is too small, or is willing to indulge with you in your latest craving. Pregnancy is such an amazing time of your life! It may seem like it lasts forever, but in reality it is a fleeting moment!

Life is too short to be worried about looking perfect all the time. So who wants to go grab some ice cream!? 🙂

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