The Ultimate Baby Registry List

So you’re having a baby!! Congratulations and welcome to the ultimate baby registry list. This is a topic that can be a bit overwhelming, but as a mother of four I am here to help you breeze right through with tried and true products that I absolutely love.

I am absolutely thrilled to be partnered with buybuy BABY to bring you this ultimate baby registry list! This is a topic that I am quite passionate about, but what made this experience 1000 times more special was that I used this editorial opportunity to surprise my friend Sadie with a $1000 baby registry shopping spree!!

Could I be smiling any bigger? I think not!!

She came that morning thinking that she was only coming to take photographs for me and was completely shocked when I turned the tables and was doing something to surprise her. You see, Sadie and her husband have been on an infertility journey for quite some time and are going to be implanting Embryos soon. They have been through numerous ups and downs in their journey but they always manage to look at the bright side. They have set such an example of getting through hard conversations, bridging the gap of misunderstandings and grief that she even shares every bit of it on instagram at

She has helped so many and continues to do so and it was my honor to do something for her in return with buybuy BABY! I was grinning ear to ear as I announced that this shopping day was going to be all about her and although we don’t know exactly when her little baby to be will be coming, I am certain she will become a mother soon.

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Here Sadie is scanning her first registry items! IT was so much fun to watch her!

She was in total shock almost the entire time and probably doesn’t remember a word of what I said. lol. I will do us all a favor and share my ultimate list here so you can come back to it again and again.

The Basic Baby Registry List necessities you will need.

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Not all basics are created equal. Here are some of my absolute favorites:

Zipper Sleepers:

It comes as no surprise that no one has time for buttons or lining up snaps in the middle of the night. That is why I love zipper or footless pjs for the first few months when you are constantly feeding and changing diapers in the middle of the night.

Carters five pack of onesies– I love the Carter’s brand because it has an extra long torso, firm snaps, and quality fabric that washes well. I always buy extra white onesies because they go with everything and depending on the season or the climate that you live in you can choose from sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve.

ultimate baby registry list

footless pajamas:

For the same reasons that I stated above I love footless pjs. After the first few months I will use footie pjs more often but these are particularly good for messes that happen from the bottom or the top. The neck area can stretch wide enough that you can slip it off right over the shoulders down to the feet. Sometimes that is the cleaner way to go!

Sleep sacks

This has to be one of my favorite sleep items of all time. I want to make sure that my baby isn’t cold at night but I don’t like the idea of them suffocating in blankets either. Sleep sacks are the absolute best! The US didn’t have these when I first started having kids and I got them from a friend that lived in the UK. Ergobaby is my favorite, but I also love Halo, and the sleeping bean. There are different variations for babies depending on if your baby likes hands in or hands out. Whatever you do, just buy one! I seriously loved it and so did my babies.

Bottles: My favorite bottles are Avent. I also really love the Medela bottles too!

Nursing My favorite pump is for sure Medela. I also really like their milk storage bags.

Lily Padz are my favorite nipple cover. The stickiness doesn’t last forever but I really like the way it felt against my skin and made my nipples feel protected. They are washable and can be used again and again.

Whether or not you decide to nurse, a Bobby pillow is one of my favorite baby accessories. You can use it for nursing, tummy time, propping a baby who is learning to sit, or feeding your baby with a bottle.

Binkies: I’ve always been a fan of the classic soothie that you get in the hospital. Grab some extras in bear shape or different colors if you want something different than the traditional green. These binkies are specifically made with nursing babies in mind.

The Ergo Baby Carrier:

I bought an Ergo Baby Carrier for my first baby and used it again and again with every single baby. It held up its shape, washed well, and was super handy for freeing up my hands while out with multiple kids, shopping, or traveling.


A Pretty new Glider:

This item is still on my wish list. We have had the same one since we had our first baby over 8 years ago and I am simply drooling over this Davinci glider. This is an item that will always be current and needed in a family with children. Best used when rocking a sweet baby or reading books while snuggling with the softest blanket.


Copper Pearl Bibs:

I own a few Copper Pearl baby items and they NEVER disappoint. These bibs are incredibly soft and well made. It is such an easy way to jazz up an outfit or simply save one from drool drenching which is entirely plausible!


Swaddle blankets that double as nursing covers, car seat covers, or cart covers. Again, Copper Pearl has my heart. You can also find some cute patterns with Milk Snob.

UBBI Diaper Pail:

Diaper pails are a necessary evil sometimes. Okay, maybe poopy diapers are the necessary evil and the UBBI diaper pail makes it a little less painful. This pail is made of stainless steel, doesn’t require special liners, and really locks in the smell. I own this diaper pail and it is a winner in my book for sure.

Car Seat/Stroller:

My favorite car seat brands are: Britax, Chicco, Graco, and Diono.

I am a big Britax fan. I love their versatility and ability to maneuver smoothly enough that I can jog with them. Britax is the sister company of Bob strollers but costs less.

Whatever you do make sure that you find a stroller with tires that do not pop! I learned that the hard way a few times. Most strollers today have reinforced tires that will not pop.

Some other strollers that I am a big fan of are mini city, Joovy, and City Select. You cannot go wrong with Graco. Buying a travel system is the way to go so that you can seamlessly go from car to stroller without waking up your baby.

Britax B-Agile double stroller, double stroller review, my mommy style

If you are going double stroller I would go for the Britax side by side. I own this stroller and I can tell you there is nothing better. It can fit through single size door ways and still gives two children enough room to wiggle. The canopies extend far enough that your baby will be protected from the sun no matter where it hangs in the sky. I would even go far enough to say that you can jog with this puppy and it can compete with agility just as well as the big running strollers. What I like about this one even more is the tires cannot pop. I live in an area with a lot of prickly bushes that will pop a stroller tire in no time and that is one of the main reasons why I love this guy!

If you travel a lot and have an older child you may want to consider the Sit and Stand. it is a great stroller to travel with and our favorite stroller to take to Disneyland.

babyletto, scoot, crib


dock a tot

I own a Dock-a-Tot and I absolutely love it! It is the easiest baby spot to carry with you no matter where you go. It can be used for tummy time, resting, changing a diaper or just a nice little spot for baby to hang out. I have taken this traveling with me as well and it fits nicely into a regular size suitcase.


Babyletto Scoot

I am in love with this crib by Babyletto. It’s clean lines and cherry wood finish make my heart swoon. Having a third boy I like that this crib is gender neutral and brings the warmth of the wood finish on the top.


Consider buying a bed that can change into a toddler bed and then a full size bed. All cribs sold at buybuy Baby will have the correct space between the bars, and the proper support for the baby so you don’t need to worry about that.

You will want to make sure to get a strong, firm mattress, a crib cover and plenty of fitted sheets. One tip is to double layer your sheets so that if you have a mess in the middle of the night you can strip one layer and have another layer underneath ready to go.

baby registry list

Lorena Canals Washable rugs

Washable rugs?! Yes, you read that right. I am in love with these rugs and have one in my family room and the nursery. They are the perfect size for a nursery and no need worry about any baby mess that will happen with these rugs because you can roll them up and throw them in your washer at home. SCORE.

Washable rug for nursery

With every single baby I have used a pack n’ play next to my bed before I transition my baby into their own nursery. I love Graco’s Pack n’ Play that comes with a removable bassinet that you can take all over the house. I also love that it has a changing station with baskets to store you diapers and wipes. Added bonus? You can use the bassinet setting that keeps the baby easy to reach for middle of the night feedings.

We have used the same pack n’ play for travel or overnight stays for all of our kids. You really get bang for your buck with this! One thing to also look for is vibration, music, and white noise attached right to the pack n’ play itself!

This Cuddle Cove by Graco has everything you need! I love the neutral color too.

Toiletries, Bathing & Medicine you will want for your baby

Use a Braun Head thermometer: Don’t wake up your sick baby! You can use this forehead thermometer to take your baby’s temperature.

Binky medicine droppers by Munchkin. These are genius! Give your baby their medicine through a pacifier! Such a convenient way to give your baby medicine in a hurry. I couldn’t find this brand online, but you can also buy one by Safety 1st.

I do like to have a traditional thermometer on hand for when my baby is teeny tiny as the rectal temperature can be the most accurate, but I only use it if I have to. The forehead/ear thermometer is so much more convenient and has great accuracy.

Nose Frieda: It looks absolutely disgusting but it does the trick better than anything else can. Getting boogies out is serious business when your baby isn’t feeling well.

Desitin: I love this diaper cream and have used it with all my babies.

Bathing: I love this Blooming Baby Lotus bath that is so versatile and easy to store and bring with you if you’re traveling.

Make sure to grab hooded towels for your little cutie to stay warm! I love this hooded towel from Aden and Anais.

Tech for Baby: Monitors, Mobiles, Swings, oh my!

Baby Monitor:

I love the Owlet Monitor! It has made some great improvements with it’s most recent advancements and can offer  heart rate and oxygen levels connected right to your phone.

I have written about the Owlet monitor before, it has saved many lives and I am grateful for the advanced technology we have now to keep our babies safe.

If you’re looking for a monitor that is a little less expensive I also love the  VTech® VM352 5-Inch Digital Video Baby Monitor with Pan and Tilt Camera.

This post could go on and on forever as there are many items I haven’t talk about, but you can go to my public baby registry that I created with buybuy BABY to see all the things I LOVE! (Put in my name Camille Walker and use the code below to link to the finder. I have my baby’s due date listed as June 2019.)

If you are having issues with this link you can use my registry code: 547231606.

Baby Swing: Find a swing that can rock side to side and front to back. The best feature though is its ability to plug into the wall so that you don’t have to every worry about replacing batteries. Graco’s Duetsoothe does all of this and more!

Ready to create your own registry? I would love to answer any questions you have!

bubuy BABY has a fantastic consultants and the process is so smooth and easy! You will get a cute little goody bag when you register in store and it is easy to access and share with anyone who might want to see!

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What would you say is a must have?

Ready to create your own registry? I would love to answer any questions you have!

You can find your local buybuy Baby using this location finder HERE.

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