Give the Gift of Confidence in the Kitchen with Easy Bake Oven

Confidence in the kitchen is something that I have been wanting to help my children develop since I became a mother. I have not always had confidence in the kitchen and honestly I am working on it even now!

cooking with kids, mymommystyle, easy bake ovenI was happy to partner with Nickelodeon and Hasbro for a sponsored post as they are finding ways to do just that. All opinions are 100% mine. As a little girl I would quite literally drool over the idea of having an Easy Bake Oven. It looked like such a fun way to explore the world of cooking and I was certain if I had one I would be the next Rachael Ray. Okay, I am kidding, I had no idea who Rachael Ray was, but I did really want one. One of the things that I have really tried to do more of this year was to involve my children in the purchasing, prepping, and eating of our meals.

My oldest is an extremely picky eater and I wanted to find something that would help him to view being in the kitchen as an adventure and something fun that he could really get into. I started having him help me write the grocery list, pick up the foods with me from the produce department, and pick meals that we could make together as a family. My thoughts then went back to the Easy Bake Oven and I thought this would be such a fun way to get my kids involved in making something together! We had so much fun making the cake cookies that came with the easy bake oven. The kids were able to add the water to the mixture on their own and stir. We made the cookie dough and worked on the frosting while the cookies baked. IMG_7436 The Easy Bake Oven comes with tools for putting the small pan into the oven, but it is advised that a parent be present and assist the child in getting the pan into and out of the oven because it is hot! Easy bake oven, mymommystyle, christmas gifts When we were done cooking the cookies we unplugged the oven so it could cool down and the kids had fun decorating the cookies! easy bake oven, mymommystyle, christmas And of course they had a fun time eating them! IMG_7449 You can buy packets separately to try different recipes to make cookies, brownies, or even tiny pizzas! The kids had such a fun time making these cookies and are just dying to do more. The Easy Bake oven was so fun and easy to use.

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One of the things that can really inspire is Talia in the Kitchen from Nickelodeon. I find that I am a lot more confident when watching Rachael Ray because she makes cooking look enjoyable, fun, and even magical! Talia is able to relate to kids in the kitchen this way and give them just the taste of confidence and fun they need. We made these fun orange cookies to match the fun of Nickelodeon and Talia in the kitchen.

nickelodeon, cookies, easy bake oven, mymommystyle

Keep in mind:

  • Oven comes with baking pan, pan tool, chocolate brownie mix, vanilla frosting mix, rainbow sugar crystals, and instructions. Bonus pack includes chocolate chip cookie mix, chocolate frosting mix, pink sugar cookie mix, and lemon frosting mix.
  • Classic Easy-Bake oven
  • Comes with yummy mixes, pan tool, and pan
  • Includes mixes to make sparkle cakes
  • Oven works with any Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven refills (sold separately)
  • Bonus pack includes mixes for chocolate chip cookies and pink sugar cookies
  • Ages 8 and up.
  • Adult supervision required. No assembly required.
  • Electric toy – unplug when not in use.
  • CAUTION – ELECTRIC TOY: This toy has a heating element, which can result in burns. Not recommended for children under 8 years of age. As with all electric products, precautions should be observed during handling and use to prevent electric shock.

We decided to get creative and create our own little Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeers. You guys, I know this look so silly, but it was fun to make! 🙂 We just took small, square pretzels and took half of a tootsie roll and flattened it out on each one. We cooked it in the easy bake oven for just a couple of minutes and then we added pretzels for the antlers, and chocolate m&ms for the eyes and nose. The kids loved it! Rudolph tootsie pretzels, mymommystyle You can find more ideas for cooking in the kitchen with your children through Nickelodeon and Talia in the Kitchen. She has darling ideas that are so relate-able for children and you can also Play Games on the Be A Baking Star Site. How do you build confidence with your children in the kitchen? Here are some other posts you might like:

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