15 ways to enjoy nature and build your confidence this summer

15 ways to enjoy nature and build your confidence

It is a safe bet to say most of us wish we were a little more confident in some aspect of our lives. Whether this is socially, professionally, or simply in the limits we give our own abilities, we all have an area of our lives in which a little more confidence would do us some good. Increasing self confidence has been shown to add to one’s happiness, increase their likelihood to succeed when faced with an obstacle, and improves their ability to be more relaxed and more easily engaged in social settings. Not to mention healthy self confidence is often a sign of good mental health.

One great tool we have at our disposal in order to gain more confidence is nature and all of the great activities associated with it. Through outdoor adventures we can see how overcoming physical challenges builds us up mentally as well as physically as detailed here. Nature gives us an opportunity to overcome a fear of failure, take baby steps, and continue to practice talents. As we do so and gradually improve our abilities, our confidence grows.

Here are some ideas for fun ways you can enjoy nature while also working on your own self-confidence this summer.

  1. Rock Climbing: You will quite literally climb to new heights, challenging you physically and then rewarding you with a scaled mountain side and a great view.
  1. White Water Rafting: Learning to navigate tough rivers will give you a great sense of accomplishment.
  1. Hiking and Backpacking: Whether you are out for a day or a weekend, hiking onto a high mountain top rewards you with breathtaking views while backpacking gives you an extra chance to put your wilderness skills to the test.
  1. Mountain Biking: Overcoming hilly mountain trails is hard work and is sure to challenge you continually.
  1. Surfing: A full body exercise that when mastered, thoroughly rewards you.
  1. Running: A mental game as well as a physical challenge, seeing your running improve over time is sure to build your confidence.
  1. Stand Up Paddle Boarding: This activity requires quite a bit more strength and balance than it might appear. Give it a try this summer when you are out on the water and develop a great new skill.
  1. Horseback Riding: What better way to increase your self-efficacy and confidence than by earning the respect of another being and enjoying nature together?
  1. Camping: If you have not done much camping in the past, give it a try this summer. You will learn how to put up a tent, start a fire, and how to take care of yourself free of modern gadgets.
  1. Road Biking: The more you road bike, the farther you will be able to go. Watching those miles tick by is rewarding and sure to increase your confidence in your abilities.
  1. Water Skiing: While it might sound similar, water skiing requires a little different technique than alpine skiing. You are sure to feel a rush of pride the first time you are able to stand up on the water.
  1. Sailing: A more calming activity, sailing requires you to know a little more about using the strength of nature to help you. Working together, you and Mother Nature can have an adventure together.
  1. Kayaking: Either a solo or a two person activity, kayaking gives you the chance to really connect with the river and trust your instincts for how best to navigate it.
  1. Painting: Not everything in nature has to be physical. If you have a talent for painting, consider using nature as your inspiration to create something beautiful, reiterating your confidence in yourself.
  1. Photography: Another artistic approach to nature, photography allows you the chance to capture a variety of stunning moments in nature, giving you the chance to practice in different lighting and situations. Your photography skills will greatly increase as you keep taking pictures.

As you combine talents you already have or look outside of your comfort zone to develop new ones, you will find many available to you in nature. Throughout the summer, as you continue to work on these, it will lead to an increase in confidence in yourself and your ability to do hard things.

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