25 great ways to send summer out with a bang

25 great ways to send summer out with a bang

Summer is nearly over! The warm weather will soon leave us, some of our favorite activities will be put on the shelf until next year, and the kids will be heading back to school. Before this all takes place, be sure to make some time for one last hurrah and enjoy the remaining summer days for all they’re worth. Here are 25 fun things to do before the fall season hits:


 1. Attend a Culture Festival: Find a festival in your area where you can sample cuisine, enjoy entertainment, and learn more about a culture you may not be familiar with. This is also a great way for kids to learn more about other cultures.


2. Shop the Farmers’ Market: Take advantage of the fresh produce and artisan breads that are still available at your local farmers’ market.


3. Buy from a Lemonade Stand: As a kid, having a lemonade stand was a summer staple. Indulge them as an adult by making a point of buying from at least one before the summer ends.
4. Outdoor Movie Night: Whether this is an activity with the kids, the neighborhood, or a special someone, put up a movie in the backyard and enjoy a movie under the stars.

5. Star Gazing: While it is still a comfortable temperature, drive away from city lights and enjoy gazing up at the night sky, identifying constellations, and taking in the grandeur of space.

6. Family Camping Trip: Head to the mountains for one last family camp out. If camp grounds are a little out of reach, just have a campout in the backyard. The kids will still love it.

7. BBQ: One of the great traditions of summer is having friends and family over for a barbeque. Fire up the grill at least one more time and enjoy delicious grilled meats and vegetables.

8. Take a Road Trip: It’s not too late to get in that last minute weekend getaway for the summer. Go here for a quick review of safe summer driving tips before you take off.

9. Complete Summer Reading List: Younger children likely have a summer reading list to be completed before school starts again. Have a family trip to the library to acquire any remaining books on the list and set aside time for reading.

10. Build a Sandcastle on the Beach: Take an afternoon and head to the beach. Bask in the sunlight, build a sandcastle, and enjoy the sand between your toes.

11. Take a Nap in a Hammock: There are few things more relaxing than a nap in a hammock, in shady summer air. Don’t miss out on one more good outdoor nap before cold weather hits.

12. Go to an Outdoor Concert: Whether it is a local event or a major concert, get a group of friends together and enjoy some great music in an atmosphere that only a summer night can produce.

13. Let the Kids Stay Up a Little Late: With the school year tends to come stricter rules, including a set bedtime during the week. Before this comes around again, let the kids stay up late a couple more weeknights.

14. Go to a Baseball Game: Baseball is an all-American pastime. Be sure to enjoy one more game, with one more hotdog in hand before the season ends.

15. Play in the Sprinklers: Turn on the sprinklers and let the kids go nuts while the sun is still hot enough to make this an enjoyable experience. Once they are back in school, these opportunities will quickly fade away.

16. Family Car Wash: Take the opportunity of everyone being home to give the family cars a good cleaning, inside and out! Put away summer toys that may have been left in the car and clean out all the dirt, grass, and crumbs that may have accumulated.

17. Teach Child How to Ride a Bike: Summer is a great time to teach a child how to ride a bike. If there is a little one who is still learning, see if you can get them riding on their own before the summer is up.

18. Food Truck Night: On a night out, enjoy appetizers, dinner, and dessert all from food trucks! Bonus: You get to be outside and enjoy the nice summer evening.

19. Go to the Zoo: Depending on where you live, animals are more likely to be indoors as the weather cools down,. Go to the zoo one last time while they are still active outdoors.

20. Tie-Dye Old Shirts: Take old shirts that family members don’t wear anymore and have a fun family night tie-dying them. Your kids will love this activity and it will give the shirts new life.

21. Clean Out Closets: In preparation for new school clothes and supplies, go through the closets in your home and get rid of those things that either no longer fit, are worn out, or rarely get worn.

22. Go Fishing: Be sure to squeeze in one last fishing trip, if this is something you and your family or group of buddies enjoys. Here are some tips to fishing with your family.

23. Nature Walk/Hike: Take some time to enjoy nature and the greenery before everything goes dormant for the winter and the temperature drops to uncomfortable lows. Here are some tips for hiking with little kids.

24. Neighborhood Progressive Dinner: Organize a progressive dinner in your neighborhood, where participating families go from one home to another as they eat each part of dinner.

25. Play Tourist in Your Hometown: Spend some time showing your kids around your city, playing tourist, and appreciating those things you might otherwise take for granted living where you do.
By fitting in even just a few of these suggestions, you can be sure to send summer out with a bang and welcome autumn with open arms, ready for new adventures.

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