Fun Activities To Do At Home with Your Kids

Finding Fun activities to do at home with your kids can be important to discover for sickness, extreme cold weather or even when its too hot! Indoor activities with your kids will strengthen the bond you have with them. Even if you didn’t go on any trips to any outdoor getaway, you experience the same fun
and relationship-bonding activities with your kids while at home. I wrote the Time for Us journal as an easy way to make moments to remember, you can use it at any time to create a lasting bond with memories to last a lifetime.

time for us parent and child journal
invest time with your child and use the time for us journal to connect on a deeper level in only minutes a day

Making memorable memories will help your children remember all the good things that happened in
their childhood. In that way, they will always bring joy and happiness they have
experienced on that day you spend time with them. They will pass it on to their
future family and kids, and they will give more time to their families because they
already know the impact of family time. One of the most incredible gifts you can give your child is the time you spend with them at home. It will give them a strong sense of self and also help them to establish that self love and foundation that will carry them through their life.

Entertainment at Home

One fun activity is learning how to make a paper airplane, it is a classic activity that helps with fine motor skills and there are so many varieties. Paper folding is one of the most captivating activities you can do with your kids, and they will surely love it because, for them, there is nothing more fun than arts and crafts. That is why in this article, you can enjoy these fun and memorable activities you can have with your children even if you are at home. Being at home is not a hindrance to having fun activities with your loved ones but an opportunity because you are having fun with each other’s company in your own home.

We are big fans of classic movies and board games, but I am also going to share with you other craft ideas you might enjoy.

1. Paper Folding Activity

This activity is part of every child’s memory; in this way, the child can acquire fine motor skills and cognitive development with the help of the crafts you are using as part of the materials. Kids will be excited about participating in this paper-folding activity because they can express their creativity and imagination in making origami. Looking for a way to create and recycle at the same time? Try this recycled box crocodile.

2. A Picnic In The Garden

This activity will be good in emotional aspects; it builds your child’s confidence and reminds them that even at your busiest moment, you can still give time for them. A time that will be special for them because you chose to spend it with them. The special attention is that they can reminisce, and they will remember the love you’ve invested in your family. Planning to have a picnic doesn’t mean you need to go away from your house to enjoy and have fun, but it is the happiness, contentment, and full-time well-spent matters.

If good weather is an issue, you can access our full kids activity library here.

3. Treasure Hunt

This treasure hunt activity sounds exciting and fun for your kids and spouse. You are giving everyone a break from all the stress and everything that bothers them. Finding treasure will be a fantastic activity for your kids; they will acquire gross motor and listening skills through the treasure hunt game. You can hide or plant candies or their wanted toys for them to participate in treasure hunting. But it will be more fun if you prepare a map for them to follow the directions and might somehow trick or delay them in finding the treasure. And you can also hide the map and let them discover it in a specific place inside the house.

4. Cooking Activity

If the weather is not cooperating according to your plan, this cooking activity is also fun for your kids, especially when you let them make their cookies or design them. Doing baking or cooking activities with your kids creates a fun and fantastic experience. You are teaching them household chores and making them more responsible.

5. Playing Online Games

Playing online games offer parents and children a chance to engage in a mentally riching yet challenging activity. Many online games feature a variety of difficulty modes, making it ideal for kids and parents of all skill levels. A couple of games to mention are:

  • Minesweeper: Minesweeper is a thrilling puzzle game where you strategically uncover squares on a grid, avoiding hidden mines to achieve victory.

Pyramid Solitaire: Pyramid is a version of Solitaire where you strategically match pairs of cards to clear a pyramid-shaped tableau.

In General

Parenting is a mixed bag of love, discipline, fun, and emotional ups and downs. I’ve always said that it is best to teach your children through experiences and example what loving relationships look like. This is mirrored and observed more than you know. Creating time to have fun at home will create an environment where your kids will feel comfortable coming to you as they get older and have bigger questions and hard things to work through.

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