How to Make Cleaning Fun For Kids

Learn how to make cleaning fun for your kids with these 5 steps. Teaching them to clean will lessen your load and help teach responsibility.

Kids with Cleaning supplies
Learn how to make cleaning fun for your kids with these 5 steps. Teaching them to clean will lessen your load and help teach responsibility. #howtomakecleaningfun

How to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids

The dishes and laundry on a daily basis can keep me busy and I never feel like I can get in a good deep cleaning. Kids tend to complain when they are asked to help clean the house. With these 5 steps, you will learn how to make cleaning fun!

What I need help with more than anything is cleaning the house and getting out of the daily grind of feeling like I have to do it on my own all the time. Did you know, according to a recent survey[1],  60% of moms would most prefer a clean house over other gift options like candy, flowers and a card…I definitely fit in with this group.

Teaching your kids to use the cleaning products can be half the battle, but is definitely worthy of taking the time to teach them. Your kids will love the time with you teaching them how all the different products work and it will help them know how to clean.

Here are 5 steps to follow to make cleaning fun for kids:

Step 1: Teach Your Kids How to Clean

  1. Make sure your home is not too cluttered to be able to clean. Sometimes we simply have too much “stuff”.  If there is too much stuff, it is too overwhelming for a child to clean, so make it easier on them.
  2. Train your child to clean.  Too often, it is easy to assume a child knows how to do a simple task because of their age, but don’t assume they know what to do until you train them.
  3. Be willing to work alongside your kids. The old saying of “Monkey see, Monkey Do” really does apply.  A child is much more likely to engage in and enjoy cleaning if they see you working right alongside them no matter their age.
  4. Pick a system that works for you, but be willing to be flexible.
  5. Age based expectations apply and can give your child a feeling of accomplishment if you can recognize and reward them for their efforts. Everyone wants to be appreciated for the work they do no matter their age. Help your children feel successful in pitching in and helping around the house.

Step 2: Clipboards

Kids love love love clipboards!  You can create cute clipboards for each child and put their cleaning list on a clipboard.  You can use pictures for little ones and lists for bigger kids.  The kids love checking off their items and using a clipboard makes them feel like an adult. Clipboards can be used with cleaning checklists or room by room checklists…cater this to each child or have a family list.

You can also use clipboards to make a check off list for dinner. We love this one put together by

Step 3: Home Management and Cleaning Systems (Magnet Boards)

DoDots is not just a chore chart, it’s an All-In-One Family System. It includes Responsibilities, Behavior, Goals, Practice Time, and much much more. No need for separate goal charts, behavior charts, chore charts, etc.

Give your children an area that they are responsible over in the house. They get better at cleaning “their space” because they will take ownership for it.

Step 4: Games and Timers

Use a phone or an ipad for the “LabTimer Apps. Kids love to see how long it takes them to do something. They love being timed! Let them see how fast they can clean something, you will be amazed with what they do.

Use Games and timer apps to let your child/children race against their own time and not against each other. Don’t say, “The first one to the car gets a star before I get there. Say “everyone who is buckled and in the car by the time I get there gets a star.”

Step 5: Star Charts and/or Family Store

In behaviorism, positive reinforcement occurs when a reward, sometimes called a reinforcer, is given for a specific desired behavior. Other behaviors, even negative, are simply ignored. Over time, this will lead to an increase in the desired behavior.

Positive reinforcement must be individualized to the specific person receiving it. What reinforces one person’s behavior may not have the same effect on someone else.

Find something that your child/children are passionate about and cater a chart to fit those needs. It could be a mixture of desired behavior or duties but make sure to be consistent and recognize the behavior you want to encourage.

Family Store Tips: Hold your store at the same day every week, price items 1-50 tickets, you can save up for bigger items if you would like, include “coupons” of activities your child may enjoy along with “prizes.”

Final Notes: Don’t worry about doing everything “right” when trying to find a system that works for you. It can be trial and error family to family, kid to kid. But do your best and stay consistent with whatever you decide works for you.

**Special thanks to Kate from for sharing her wisdom with us.

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