2 Self Care Practices to Improve Your Wellness

Self-care is a buzz word that is not going away any time soon. I read recently that taking care of your mental health is taking care of your health. We are a product of what we see, think, and do. It is all inter-related. Ups and downs are part of growing up as a person, and there are wellness activities that might help you get through them and inspire you to push forward in life.

An important thing to remember is that what lights you up may be different from the person next to you. And that is simply okay. Discovering what is best for you is your responsibility to find what you like. Do something, start small and forgive yourself if it takes you a while to figure out.

We cannot avoid negativity, being physically, emotionally, and mentally drained, and experiencing tiredness in life. Although with the help of these activities, you will view the positive side, be filled with more energy, and keep motivated to accomplish all the work ahead. Focus on the reasons that will help you realize why you need to practice self-care and take good care of your mental health.

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Keeping both a physically fit and mentally healthy lifestyle can be challenging to maintain, especially if you have too many standards for yourself. Remember that you are still human, can still make mistakes, and can still feel exhausted at any time. Keep in mind that there are also ways to improve yourself and that you are open to wellness activities to boost your self-care.

Self-improvement for Self-care

In understanding what’s happening in your life, view the other side and adopt a new, positive perspective to see every single thing happening. There is a potential that if you put more effort into taking care of yourself, you will be more productive and will comprehend and appreciate all you go through. It’s because you already prepare yourself for the possible things you will experience and train your mental health to be more flexible in planning solutions and ways to improve your situations. In this article, some activities might help you enjoy your self-care time and happy hour wellness.

1. Cook All You Want

Cooking new recipes can be a really fun way to connect with yourself in a new way. Cooking is a present activity, it is creative and in the now. You’re paying attention to measurements, cooking times, spices, and combinations of ingredients. There are so many recipes to try, you can start simple with a waffle recipe, banana muffins, or an instant pot soup recipe.

If you’re ever feeling like cooking is something you “have to do” consider what could make it fun for you. Do you want to make a copy cat recipe from Disneyland or your favorite restaurant? You can also try different kinds of recipes from other countries or outside your comfort zone to explore and be more flexible even with food. Baking with those you love can also be a really fun way to create bonds of creativity and fun. Try cooking some fun kid friendly foods to explore in the kitchen.

If cooking is not your thing specifically, simply give your self the gift of being present as you eat your food. Take time to consider what the food is doing for your body, its source, and the energy it gives you.

2. Alone Time

Create alone time so you can re-center your heart and your mind. As a busy mom you may find that alone time is hard to come by. Are you a morning person or a night owl? For many women that I have coached the thing that works most often is for you to start with 5-10 minutes in the beginning of the day BEFORE anything else. Yes, it would be wonderful if we could all take a beach vacation, but if you cannot at this time, create your own sanctuary at home.

Bring a piece of paper or your journal so you can write down everything that comes to mind, including all your possible plans and goals, so that every time you open your journal, you will read all you want to achieve. A great way to start is with gratitude, thinking of something you’re grateful for in clear detail. Starting with gratitude and acknowledging what has come into your life will give you room and the energy needed to receive more.

Would you agree?

Investing time into recovering in your mental health needs is a gift that will keep on giving. When you can show up as the best version of yourself that will bless those around you and have a ripple effect of positivity.

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