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How to Make the Ultimate Healthy Disney Dining Plan

How to make the ultimate healthy Disney dining plan in 2019? To keep it simple, you must plan ahead according to your goals. After three Disney trips in 2018 and becoming the author of Healthy Disney; Your Guide to a Fit and Magical Vacation: Volume 1 – The Planning Phase, I have figured out the...

What to Expect after a Tonsillectomy and Adenoids Removal

Knowing what to expect after a tonsillectomy and adenoids removal can be a life saver when preparing your home and yourself/your loved one to minimize pain and discomfort. This is a parent’s perspective and advice post, if you have any serious medical emergencies or questions please consult your doctor as this is simply information to help...

8 ways to stay cool during summer workouts

We’ve all experienced one of those workouts that makes your skin red and flushed, coated in sweat. And when you walk inside, you feel like there’s a cloud of cotton surrounding your head, making you hot and feeling humid. This feeling always goes away, but it can be hard to stay motivated to workout during...

7 healthy habits you should add to your life

Healthy habits to add into your life that take into account your mental and emotional health, as well as your physical health. We all know the basics: eat well, exercise and drink eight glasses of water per day. But proper health and wellness is so much more than that! It takes into account our mental...

7 ways to improve your memory

Here are a few ways to improve your memory and get you on track to healthy brain function.  Our modern lifestyle largely affects our brain and leads to a faster decline in many functions such as memory. We are bombarded with technology, leading to shorter attention spans and a lack of retention. Why remember facts...

20 important reasons to drink more water

We know water is important, but check out these 20 important reasons to drink more water to find out exactly why it’s so important! In a world full of soda, juice, energy drinks, and other fun beverages it can sometimes be difficult to remember the most important drink of all: water. We know water is...

12 natural ways to increase energy

Are you finding yourself struggling with low energy in the middle of the day? These natural ways to increase energy will give you the boost you need to make it through your day. Forget the mid-afternoon fatigue, you are now feeling it at ten in the morning most days. Between work, driving the kids to...

5 Delicious Alternatives to Peanut Butter

If you’ve discovered you or one of your loved ones have a peanut allergy, you might feel limited to the types of things you can cook or prepare. Peanuts and peanut butter are prevalent in a variety of culinary applications from baked goods to spicy dipping sauces. Luckily, modern technology has given us the ability...

Metamucil 2-week Challenge & Super Gut Smoothie Recipe

At the beginning of this year I set two main health goals for myself. 1. Drink more water & 2. Give my body the nutrients and fiber that I need to have a healthy gut. In the past I have focused a lot on my activity, and I have made it a point to work...


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