5 Simple Remedies to Help a dry Nose

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Just as our skin needs a little extra tender loving care during the winter months our noses need a little TLC too. Here are 5 simple remedies to help that nose of yours! Back before my husband and I had children we would make a visit down to Mexico every winter and the thing that he loved most about the weather there was the moist air! I would be going on and on about the beautiful beaches, tropical drinks, swimming in the ocean and my husband was pleased as punch about the moist air! What!? Yes, it is wonderful and I didn’t really know what I was missing until we came back home to Utah and I realized just how dry our air really is! I immediately started getting chapped lips, dry skin, and a very sore nose. My husband often gets bloody noses because of the dry air so we have found a few ways to combat this!

1. Hydrate Water will keep your nose and lungs hydrated and also combat the dryness in the air. So drink a TON of water! In general it is recommended that you drink 8 full glasses of water (8 oz) a day to stay properly hydrated.

For me this is often easier said than done…but you also need to remember to hydrate your nose! You can try the use of a neti-pot that actually allows you to rinse your nose as well and will keep it more moist.

2. Moisturize Use petroleum jelly or coconut oil to naturally moisturize your nose. Depending on the severity of your dry nose or bloody noses you will probably want to apply it 1-2 times per day with a q-tip.

3. Turn down the heat You can also turn down your heat in your home between 60-65 degrees F at night to reduce the dry air in your house. The more dry air in your home the more susceptible you are to a dry nose or nose bleeds.

4. Take a steamy shower Steamy showers can dry out your hair and skin in the winter, so be careful not to get your hair too hot but it does wonders for opening up your nasal passages. Many times I will run a steamy shower and simply be in the bathroom to inhale the steamy air. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to help a baby or small child be able to breathe easire in the middle of the night.

5. Buy a humidifier A humidifier will add moisture to the air and raise the humidity. This will help to make the air much more comfortable to breath, reduce the risk of nosebleeds, and reduce dust particles in the air. Make sure to purchase a cool air humidifier as a warm mist humidifier may not moisten your nose as well as it is using warm heat.

Recently we were given a WeMo Smart Humidifier to try. To say my husband was excited about this is an understatement because we have been disappointed with humidifiers we have purchased in the past that haven’t worked very well or were a lot of maintenance to fill and take care of.

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Here are some special features that are included in the Holmes Smart Humidifier

Holmes® Smart Humidifier Console

  • Optimize the right level of humidity for your home, based on the current weather conditions
  • Control your humidifier settings anytime, from anywhere, using your smartphone or tablet
  • Has a smart sensor that monitors the environment inside and outside your home
  • Choose between 5 comfort levels
  • Provides humidity to the entire house so the whole family stays comfortable during the winter months.
  • 36-hour runtime, so there is no constant refilling of water tanks
  • The filter reminder conveniently tells you when to reorder and allows you to purchase immediately through the app.

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We love that we can set it at a level that is comfortable for us and we never have to think about it. We have it set to go on at 9:30 at night and turn off at 6 am in the morning. It is large enough to effect the moisture level in all of our children’s rooms as well as it is made to moisturize more than one room. We have loved the feature of being able to control it with our phone so that if we are ever away and forget to turn it off we can or we can adjust the setting from bed without having to get up and turn it up or down.

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