Who nose best…

Who NOSE best??

Another hot topic that has been on my mind for quite some time is this… The bulb syringe vs NoseFrida.  Both claim to clean babies nose, but which one is the best?  One thing I’ve noticed is with the bulb syringe you can’t clean it out, unless you buy the one that has a cap, but those syringes are a nightmare to squeeze.  My son’s pediatrician said if I continue using the bulb syringe I should replace it often (after every cold) because of the bacteria that builds up inside.  I wipe mine off before and after with an alcohol wipe, but I don’t think it’s doing much inside the syringe.  So how do you clean your baby/child’s  nose??  And did I mention my son HATES this bulb syringe!  Poor guy.


Introducing NoseFrida!  This thing is pretty nifty.  I went to a local business in town where I’ve seen this NoseFrida before, but never thought much of it, until I to asked one of the employees, who happens to be a mom, about the product.  She said it work ten time better than the bulb syringe.  She also mentioned you can clean it out, let it air dry and her baby seems to do better with it.  Sounds good to me!

She did mention the NoseFrida grossed her out at first because you are SUCKING the gunk out of your little ones nose.  Now before you get completely grossed out you should know there is a filter and there is NO way for the gunk to get in your mouth.  It’s a lot faster than the bulb syringe and my son seemed to handle it better.  I don’t know if it was the funny face I was making while sucking the gunk out or because it was ten times fast that kept my little guy happy, but this product works and I’m moving on from the syringe.

To finish the job make sure you have Boogie Wipes on hand.  You and your child will love them.  The don’t dry out your child’s face like tissue and wipes.  They smell great and I know from personal experience my son loves these compared to wipes or tissue.  I hope these tips help for the next time your little one catches a cold.

I’ve been using both products for some time know and nose colds are a lot easier than they were back when my son was really young.

P.S.  My son was and still is a thumb sucker so the NoseFrida really was handy multiple times during the day, and right before bed so my little guy could continue to self soothe.  Look for the NoseFrida at Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Babinski, Oopsie Daisy, etc.  I buy the Boogie wipes from Target or you can purchase some on their website, click here.   Learn more about NoseFrida by clicking here.


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