Must have items for a winter baby

My first two kids were born in late Spring in California. The weather was hot and I never had to worry if they were bundled enough. In fact, I’m pretty sure they spent their first few months in only a onesie. We didn’t have air conditioning in our house, so I was more concerned about them getting too hot! My next two babies were born in winter and it was an adjustment. My youngest is three months old and was born in Alaska. So he will be in winter weather conditions for the first six months of his life! When we left the hospital it was 10 degrees and we often leave the house now when it is -30*F  or COLDER! The winter months also bring cold and flu season so keeping baby healthy and germ free is a huge priority. Here are some of my favorite must-have products for a winter baby:

must have items for a winter baby

1. Boogie Mist saline spray

This is the product that made me think about writing this post in the first place. It gets so dry here in the winter that this Boogie Mist has become a necessity. Every time I can hear my baby get a little stuffy I give him a spray in each nostril to add some moisture and he can start breathing easier immediately. It also helps when they have colds.

2. Nose Frida

I actually have never tried the Nose Frida. I have heard so many good things and I know Camille owns one. They sound so gross at first, but if you’ve ever tried to use a bulb syringe aspirator they make more sense, because those bulbs just don’t work! I’m probably using them wrong, but Nose Frida is so much easier. Winter is a time when colds and congestion occur more, so it’s nice to have this around just in case.

3. Hand sanitizing wipes

It’s good to sanitize hands around baby any time of year, but in the winter when everyone seems to be getting sick it’s smart to wash hands more and have more hand sanitizer available. I love these hand sanitizing wipes for baby. They don’t contain alcohol and they’re gentle and skin nourishing. It’s much easier to clean baby’s hands with a wipe than the gel sanitizer.

Aquaphor healing ointment

Winter is so dry! Keep baby’s skin healthy and moisturized by using a moisturizer daily. I love Aquaphor!

Columbia baby bunting

One thing I love about this baby bunting is that it keeps baby warm and covered, but it’s thin enough that it works as a warm layer in a carseat. I like that you can fold the sleeves down to cover the hands and the legs fold down over the feet for extra coverage and warmth.

Winter carseat cover

This carseat cover is a must for a winter baby! It keeps baby covered as you head out into the cold and windy winter wonderland. But is easy to peek in on baby to keep an eye on them. Before I put my car seat cover on I would just cover the carseat with a blanket, which works, but is a pain. I ended up with many wet and muddy blankets when I stepped on them or they fell off. It’s also more annoying for baby who ends up with a blanket right in their face. This carseat cover was awesome!

HALO fleece SleepSack swaddle

I love sleep sacks for any time of year. It keeps baby snug and warm without adding extra blankets in the crib or bassinet. Soft blankets and pillows in a crib increase the risk of suffocation or SIDS in babies, so sleep sacks are a safe alternative. You can get sleep sacks that are swaddlers or not. I like the swaddle sack because even after baby wants to have arms out you can still gently wrap the swaddle around the middle, keeping baby’s arms free.

HALO fleece SleepSack

Here’s another option for a different sleep sack.

Baby moccasins

I love baby moccasins because for one they are super cute, but in the winter they are very helpful because they stay put. I can’t keep socks on my little man, they always fall off and get lost, but I never have to worry about the baby moccs coming off. His feet stay warm and toasty and cute too. 🙂

Fleece lined pants/jeans

I love fleece lined pants during the winter months for added warmth and protection from the elements.

Winter hats with ear flaps

Keeping baby’s head is important and there are so many cute hats to get the job done. I like winter hats with ear flaps to make sure the ears are nice and covered and warm. I also like that on many hats with ear flaps they have the option to fasten the straps underneath the chin with some velcro. It keeps the hat nice and snug and in place. Baby will stay warm and you’re less likely to lose the hat! My baby’s all have enormous heads so it’s nice to know the hat won’t be going anywhere.

Soft Minky blanket

I love snuggling and rocking my babies with a nice soft fleece blanket. They’re super warm and the minky blankets are so soft and cuddly.

What are your favorite products for a winter baby?

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