Spring Break Staycation Activities for Kids

In the past few years, the staycation has really picked up in popularity. Besides being cheaper than a standard vacation, it’s so much less hassle. Except for one thing; kids will need to be entertained. Movies can only go so far, so here are a whole list of great crafts and activities to do with kids on a staycation. When spring break comes, be ready with this list of things to do over spring break.

Paper Crafts

Paper crafts are great for a spring break staycation because they usually require minimal supplies, but can be complex enough to eat up quite a bit of time. Also, the child will feel a sense of accomplishment when showing off their creations.

Origami Butterfly Bookmark Corner by Red Tad Art

Flower Template for Mix & Match Flower Craft by Messy Little Monster

Here’s another idea that will take a little printing and cutting beforehand, but the results are so much fun. Kids get a whole array of different flower pieces to create their own custom flower crafts. There are plenty of options, so no two need be the same.

Spring Break Outdoor Activities

Nobody wants to stay cooped up all the time, and kids are no exception. If anything, they want to be outside even more often than adults! These fun staycation ideas for spring break will give the backyard a whole new appeal, and leave some fun artwork to decorate with once complete.

Hot Rock Melted Crayon Craft by Simply Well Balanced

DIY Nerf Gun Targets by Savvy Mama Lifestyle

Childhood means a few different things, but one of those often is Nerf. Nerf wars top the list of spring break activities. However, since every Nerf gun warns not to shoot it at other people, (and we always follow that rule, right?) there needs to be something to aim at. These DIY Nerf targets are
just the thing. And they are so easy, the kids can make them! The best spring break activities for families have something to offer for everyone, so get enough Nerf weapons for everybody!

DIY Upcycled Toilet Paper Seedling Pots and Painted Stone Garden Markers by The Forked Spoon

For a slightly calmer outdoor activity, planting is always a good time. Kids will love decorating, setting up, and planting their little gardens. Plus, it uses upcycled toilet paper tubes as seedling starter pots. They will love coming back to check on the little seedlings and keeping track of growth. Starting seedlings are great spring break outdoor activities, and it’s the perfect time of year for them.

Dot Marker Daisies by My Mommy Style

Daisy Flower Dot Marker Craft Step 4, spring break staycation

It doesn’t have to be perfect weather to create your own sunshine and daisies. These dot marker daisies are fun and easy to create. Take the project a step further and use them to create a mural for a playroom or wrapping a special gift.

Spring Kindness Notes by Coffee and Carpool

This is such a neat idea! Print out the provided card template, and kids can deliver them to neighbors’ doorsteps as deemed appropriate. There are all sorts of different cards, and they are a great way to teach kids about being kind. Passing these cards out while getting exercise is one of the most fun things to do during spring break.

DIY Toys for Spring Break Staycation

Toys are great, but toys that kids helped make, or made by themselves have even more value. There’s nothing like making some amazing toy, then getting to play with it afterwards. Homemade toys always make for fun spring break ideas.

Playdough Recipe by The Best Ideas for Kids

Play-doh is a kid staple. It just has to make an appearance during the childhood years. But it gets mixed up, dries out, gets lost, all kinds of issues can occur. Help mitigate some of that trouble with this homemade playdough. It might just turn out even better than the real thing. Making models with this dough is tops in terms of things to do in spring at home. And if it gets messed up, just make more. 

Kids Squeeze Ball by Bitz & Giggles 

These squeeze balls make great spring break crafts, and most people have the supplies just laying around. A few balloons, an empty water bottle, flour, and a funnel is all it takes. Afterwards, a stress ball will keep the kids busy all afternoon. And you may just want to make an extra for yourself.

Spring Break Art Projects

Spring break is an ideal time for a staycation, since most vacation destinations can get a bit hectic. These activities are ideal for this time, since they showcase some really neat projects. And the first one can be tailored to be a Mother’s or Father’s Day gift, as well. So the timing is perfect.

How to Paint Ceramic Mugs by Simply Full of Delight

This is another great option for indoor spring break activities that will suit kids of multiple ages. It does require some specialized supplies, so a little planning ahead will be necessary. But the results are fun and will last for years.

Magic Blooming Paper Flower Craft by Messy Little Monster

This idea is so neat, and really easy. The parent (or child, if they can handle scissors,) just cuts out the free printable from a piece of paper. Then color it, fold the petals in, and drop it in water. The flower will bloom like magic! These spring break art projects are something kids will want to make over and over again.

Spring Break Activities

Staycations are easier in some ways, but can be more stressful in others. Such as planning activities. However, with this list of spring break activities, there is no reason why things should be stressful. Stay active and have fun!

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