Back to ME: Mind, Body, and Connection Challenge

I am so excited to finally announce this chance to focus on your mind and body! 

Welcome to the Back to School, Back to Me challenge! I have had so many messages from you saying that you are frustrated with the lack of time you have to give yourself a little TLC.

21 day back to me challenge

That is why I created this challenge to be simple and fun. I want it to allow you to create space for yourself and see where the two weeks will take you, your mind and body.

This challenge is focusing on three parts: MIND, BODY, and CONNECTION. I feel the most effective, positive changes when I incorporate these three elements into my life. The biggest progress we can achieve isn’t in monumental changes but in small, simple adjustments that we can stick to day to day.

By signing up for this challenge you will have access to a FREE LES MILLS workout streaming service for 3 full weeks.


In this challenge I am asking that you take time to nourish your mind. This could be done in so many ways and I only ask that you commit five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. This could be done by reading, praying, meditating, journaling, expressing gratitude, or being hyper aware of being present.


I am asking that you move your body EVERY day for two weeks. Through this challenge you will have a free access to the entire fitness library from LES MILLS for three weeks. Get familiar with the classes available to you in the “warm up” week. There are so many classes available that cover fitness for any level. You will even have access to classes called, “Born to Move” if you want to include your kids in this challenge with you.

Some of my favorite classes are Barre, Shazam, Body Pump, Body Combat, and the stretching tracks. If you aren’t sure where to start, watch the “getting started” introduction to find a fitness routine/schedule that you think would be a good fit for you.

LES MILLS makes it so easy, they even provide pre-planned schedules that you can follow. Find those schedules here.


This is my favorite part. Now is your chance to join in on the fun with a friend. The challenge is created to be done in pairs. If you cannot find someone to do this challenge with you please let me know and I can match up loose pairs.

An accountability partner will be someone you chat or check in with at least once a day for the two weeks. Sign up on My Fitness Pal and cheer each other on! Have an apple watch? Share your calorie burn with each other and root each other on. If you don’t want to do these things you can simply to a quick text or phone call. This is also supposed to be a chance for you to feel heard, and connected to someone that cares about you. Someone to help CHEER you on for taking time for you.

Self care doesn’t mean “ME FIRST” it means “ME TOO.” So often as moms we put ourselves last and forget to take care of even our most basic needs.

Workout with LES MILLS

Why Les Mills?

LES MILLS offers streaming on your phone, tablet, or TV at home. I have been doing Les Mills classes for years, it is one of the first real introductions I had to weight lifting that helped me feel comfortable and able to work weights into my fitness routine.

The only trouble was the gym that I was going to changed their day care rates and I was no longer able to afford paying for three kids to be in the day care while I worked out. So I started looking for other options and was no longer able to take the Les Mills classes.

The task was to find options for working out from home.

I was sooo happy a few years later when found out that LES MILLS started a streaming service! Now I had access to all the classes I had fallen in love with in the gym from the comfort of my own home. Choose from a variety of Strength, Cardio, HIIT, Flexibility, Core, Dance, Yoga, BARRE, Post Pregnancy, and Youth Fitness classes.

LES MILLS membership

Tips for Success:

Find a time that you can be consistent with your mind and body time.

Allow yourself space to grow with the process. If you can only complete 15 minutes of the class the first day, that is okay. Listen to your body and do your best!

Keep your gut health in mind and you go through this process. Here is a link to my favorite go-to snacks that I like to have on hand.

If you aren’t sure what time would be best, try the morning first. This tends to be the most uninterrupted time for moms. If you cannot do the morning try to squeeze it in during the afternoon nap time or after the kids are in bed.

Stay hydrated.

Water will keep your mind and body so much happier. Keep a water bottle with you everywhere! I like to keep on in the car, by my bed, and in the kitchen.

Make it fun.

This challenge is for you and about you. Make this process something fun and one that you can allow yourself to make your own. Personalize it and make it your own.

Have questions? Reach out to me on Instagram! I would love to rally with you!

Workout wear from Fabletics

This challenge is NOT about inches lost, or weigh ins. This challenge is about completion.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit and I want the warm up week and the two week challenge to create a new habit for you of taking care of yourself.

Sign up for the challenge by following this LINK. This will give you the free 21 day service.

Enter your email below to sign up to receive encouragement from me right into your inbox! Please share this mind and body challenge with your friends. The more people, the better!

Our warm up week starts now and we will have our first official day on October 1, 2019 and will end October 14th. I will allow for people to still start a few days behind us and close it officially Oct 18th so they have some extra time to finish up.

get back to focusing on "me"You are worth it. Let’s do this!


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