Smoker Recipes for Chicken

Chicken cooked on the smoker is so full of flavor and is an easy way to get a huge impact with an inexpensive piece of meat.

Just because we are heading into Fall doesn’t mean that outdoor cooking is going away. I love using the smoker all year long. Trust me, you’ll be the hit of the holidays or family get togethers if you bring delicious smoked meat.

I’ve heard people say that once you’ve tried smoked chicken you won’t go back to any other way….and I have to agree. The flavor and texture of the chicken is perfection.

Before we get to the collection of amazing recipes, here’s a few FAQ to get you started.

recipes on how to smoke chicken

Can smoked chicken be pink?

Because you are smoking the chicken, your meat will be a little different color than you are normally used to. Check out the ring around the outside of your meat after it is cooked….that’s where the real flavor comes from!

How long can smoked chicken last?

Once your meat is smoked, it can be refrigerated for up to 4 days, when its in an air tight container. You can also keep it in a freezer for a few months (2-3) just make sure it is properly wrapped up to prevent freezer burn.

What temperature should chicken be when fully cooked?

When you are smoking chicken, it’s a good idea to use a temperature probe in order to be sure your chicken is fully cooked. Your chicken should reach an internal temperature (middle of the thickest section) of 165 degrees.

Why is smoked chicken skin tough?

Because the outside of the chicken is in constant flowing air, it will toughen up more than if it was being baked. But that tough thin outer layer also traps in the moisture. So the outside might be a little tough (kinda like a fried chicken) but the inside is perfection!!

Should the chicken be room temperature or cold when put on the smoker?

To get the maximum amount of smoked flavor (biggest smoke ring) you want to start with cold meat. that way as the chicken warms up the flavor penetrates the meat. Once it gets too hot, the smoke flavor stops and it just cooks the meat!

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Now, let’s get on to the incredible smoked chicken recipes!

Perfect Smoked Chicken Breast

Perfect smoked chicken breast recipe. The smoky flavor combined with the juiciness of the chicken breast will keep everyone happy and wanting more!

peach habanero chicken wings

These smoked peach habanero chicken thighs are so tender, juicy and full of a sweet and spicy flavor. They cook in just over 2 hours on the smoker and are sure to be a complete crowd pleaser.

dry rub whole chicken

Why limit yourself to just a breast, thigh or drumstick. Smoke the entire chicken! Because this dry rub chicken is so tasty, there is no need to add that messy, hard to eat barbecue sauce!

Smoked chicken thighs

The rub for these chicken thighs is a spicy one and can be eaten without any BBQ sauce. It’s also customizable to make it a little less spicy.

sweet heat bacon wrapped smoked chicken

An easy way to get a flavorful, low budget meal, these Sweet Heat Bacon Wrapped Smoked Chicken Breasts are the way to go. They’re the perfect set it, and forget it kinda deal. 

Combine crispy, tender and juicy all in one bite!

hickory smoked chicken wings

This recipe is an easy way to learn how to smoke chicken wings with deep smokey flavors that are nice and crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

maple mustard chicken wings

Maple Mustard Chicken Wings can be smoked or baked in the oven. And you can control how spicy you want them by adding a lot of crushed red pepper flakes, or just a little.

Smoked paprika chicken legs

Smoked paprika chicken legs, finished with an herby, spicy chimichurri sauce is a great way to liven up your chicken routine with savory flavor.

smoked buttermilk grilled chicken

This smoked buttermilk grilled chicken is mmm mmm good! You’re sure to love this quick recipe and delicious results.

Butter Bath competition chicken wings

Butter Bath Competition Chicken Thighs. This recipe may take a couple of days to prep, but I’m sure it will be completely worth it. Besides, who wouldn’t love to eat something that’s taken a butter bath.

Try brining your chicken!

Brined applewood smoked chicken wings

These brined applewood smoked chicken wings are a “naked wing” meaning they have no sauce and no rub. That’s because they are brined beforehand in a wonderful and flavorful solution.

Smoked Honey Garlic Chicken Wings

These Smoked Honey Garlic Chicken Wings get seasoned then in the smoker they go. Basted with a spicy honey garlic sauce, these are finger licking good and will be the hit of the party!

Orange glaze smoked chicken

Delicious easy recipe for smoked chicken quarters in your electric smoker. Flavorful rub and orange glaze make this dinner meal absolutely fantastic.

Smoked beer can chicken

Smoked beer can chicken is so amazing! Whether you have a pellet or electric smoker you’ll love how easy a whole chicken is to cook. Get ready! 

Whiskey Peach Smoked Pulled Chicken could likely win an award for the most flavorful, succulent, melt in your mouth smoked chicken that ever was. Injected with peach juice, whiskey, and melted butter then slow smoked over peach wood, you can taste the love in every single bite.

recipes for smoked chicken
Smoked Chicken recipes
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