8 ways to stay cool during summer workouts

We’ve all experienced one of those workouts that makes your skin red and flushed, coated in sweat. And when you walk inside, you feel like there’s a cloud of cotton surrounding your head, making you hot and feeling humid. This feeling always goes away, but it can be hard to stay motivated to workout during the summer because of this impending feeling. You get dehydrated and overheated a lot quicker, so you have to be careful with how you workout. Here are a few ways to stay cool while you workout this summer!


Try out a new fitness class

If you usually workout solo, you might want to try a fitness class! They usually have a temperature controlled room that they work in, so you won’t get overheated, and can get the most possible out of your workout without worrying about dehydration or excessive sweating. There are a lot of different types of fitness classes, from things like Zumba, to more intense classes like Crossfit. Try out a bunch of different ones this summer, and then pick your favorites to do regularly.


Exercise in the morning

If you are able to work out in the morning, you should be able to beat the heat and stay cool during your summer workout. Alternately, you could also work out in the evening, although it will still be warmer than it would be in the morning. The hottest part of the day is usually 11 am to 3 pm, so avoid working out during this window of time during the summer.


Wait to protein load until after you workout

Did you know that eating protein helps you generate more heat within your body? This is why you should wait to protein load until after your workout, rather than before. By taking protein after your workout, you help rebuild your muscles, so it’s actually better to take your protein after your workout!


Keep a frozen towel handy

Get a hand towel wet, and then wring out the excess water. Freeze the towel for at least an hour. You can keep this towel with you during your workout, and apply it to your face and neck to help you cool down during your workout. You can also just leave it resting on your neck during the workout, to regulate your body temperature.


Go swimming

Going swimming is a great way to get your cardio done without overheating! The water in lap pools is usually kept at a slightly cooler temperature than the other areas of the pool, so although it may feel slightly uncomfortable when you initially get into the pool, your body heat will regulate to a comfortable temperature, and it will be much more comfortable than running or doing some other sort of cardio outdoors.


Stay hydrated

Don’t let yourself get dehydrated! It’s way too easy to get dehydrated when it’s hot outside, so keep a bottle of cool water with you during your entire workout to keep your hydrated and cool. Dehydration is one of the biggest culprits of getting overheated. Always drink water before you think you need it. Once you start feeling thirsty, you’re already starting to become dehydrated! Pace yourself, and sip water throughout your entire workout.


Don’t push yourself too hard

Pushing yourself will make you overheat more quickly. Take breaks throughout your workout if it is necessary. This will keep your heart rate lower, but not prevent you from building muscle. By not going too hard, you won’t get too hot during your workout!


Dress for the weather

If it’s hot outside, opt for shorts and a lightweight tank top to workout in, rather than dark colored leggings and a long sleeved shirt. Be conscious of the weather, even if you are working out in the early morning. If you do workout earlier in the day, and it’s still cool when you leave your home, it’s okay to bring a lightweight jacket to keep you warm during the beginning of your workout, and then you can just tie it around your waist once your body temperature rises as your heart rate increases.


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