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I hope everyone is having pleasant weekend.  My weekend was been low key considering my son and I have been sick.  I can’t remember the last time I was sick, and this cold has really had me down the past few day.  I’m beyond ready for spring and the winter/sick season to be over

One thing I was able to do this weekend to help keep my mind of how crummy I felt was a little craft I had to share with you.  If you are ever in need of a craft idea, and you life in the Salt Lake area, then you MUST head over to The Wood Connection.  They have the best wood crafting ideas!  Also visit their blog for more fun crafting ideas at https://www.thewoodco.blogspot.com/.

I picked up a craft a few weeks ago and had some time to finish it up this weekend.  I usually pick fun things to decorate my house with, but this time, a found some GIANT Alphabet letters that I thought my son would have a fun time with.  With a little more searching and thinking Rachel, at The Wood Connection, and I came up with an fun idea on how to use the letters… Refrigerator magnets.  Now my little guy has some plastic ones at home, but these were going to be even better!  They seriously have stuff for the entire family!  Love The Wood Connection.  Thank you Rachel and The Wood Connection team for helping me find another fun project!  I can always depend on you guys!

View my project below and step-by-step instructions on how to make this yourself.  Rather than doing the entire Alphabet (they all wouldn’t fit on my refrigerator) I did ABC, my son’s name CREW and the vowels AEIOU… and sometime Y.  Everything seen in the pictures I got from The Wood Connection… One stop shop.  Enjoy!

 A list of what you’ll need:

– Paint

– Paint brushes

– Letters

– Magnets

– Gorilla glue or wood glue











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