15 Homemade Popsicle Recipes

Homemade popsicles are a delicious summertime treat that can be enjoyed by all, both kids and adults alike. Here are some delicious ideas to enjoy this Summer.

The days are getting warmer (dare I say hot) and a cold popsicle is a welcomed treat mid day. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of Otter Pops this summer, but as an adult there’s only so many of those I can consume.


Here’s a few questions people have asked about homemade popsicles

Can babies have homemade popsicles?

If you are using a fruit/other ingredients that is already in your child’s diet, a homemade popsicle is a perfect treat for them during the hot summer months. It is also a great idea while they are teething as the cold helps sooth their gums. You can see how we made some teething popsicles here. Also grab some teething popsicle molds.

How to keep homemade popsicles from sticking?

The easiest way to get homemade popsicles out of their mold is actually really easy. One they have fully set up in the freezer, dip them into a bowl or sink of warm water for just a few seconds and your popsicles should slide right out. When dipping them, don’t go all the way up to the stick otherwise your popsicle may release from the stick, and we don’t want that!

How to make homemade popsicles creamy?

There are a few ways to make a creamy popsicle. Obviously the most common would be with some sort of dairy; Yogurt, Milk, Heavy Cream etc. Another way would be to use a creamy fruit like a banana. Obviously a banana would affect the flavor, so you could also use something creamy like an avocado which has a more mild flavor than a banana.

Is homemade popsicles healthy?

The answer to this strictly depends on the popsicle you choose to make. You can make them entirely of fresh fruit and even add in veggies; which of course would make them healthy. You can make them a little more “unhealthy” by adding in the heavy cream, sugars, artificial flavors etc. Check out all the recipes and decide which one is on the “healthy” scale that fits your wants.


Making a homemade popsicle it great because I can customize the flavors to what my family loves, and the ingredients we want to use. You can use all natural ingredients, fresh fruits, fun shaped molds, food grade bags etc. This list of homemade popsicle recipes is a variety of flavors, ingredients and methods of making the popsicles.

homemade protein popsicles

Let’s start things off with these amazing Strawberry Apple Protein popsicles. They are delicious and a great source of protein as well. Plus the added benefit of some fresh fruit. Because isn’t everything better with fresh fruit?

Cran-apple protein popsicles

Another protein pop recipe is these cranberry-apple one. Can’t you just imagine the flavor of them from the rich color?


Funfetti homemade popsicles

I mean, can you even imagine how delicious this Funfetti Cake Batter Popsicle is? I can taste the cake batter already and the added sprinkles make it so cute. These could be a fun addition to a birthday party too.

Strawberry Banana Popsicle Recipe

This is such a traditional flavor, but that means it’s pretty much loved by most. This Strawberry Banana popsicle recipe is an all natural one that’s full of flavor.

Root Beer Float Popsicle Recipe

Speaking of traditional flavors, this is a quintessential Summer taste. Now, imagine your Root Beer Float in Popsicle form.

Rainbow Fruit Popsicles

What kid wouldn’t love eating the rainbow fruit popsicles? Using a different fruit for each color/layer is such a fun idea. And the popsicle would be so full of flavor.


Tropical coconut popsicles

This is a popsicle that I’m sure would send my dreams right to paradise. It is a Tropical Coconut Chai popsicle that tastes just as good, if not better than it looks.

Lava Flow Popsicle

Another beautifully layered popsicle is this Lava Flow Popsicle. There’s a creamy pineapple layer swirled with a fresh strawberry puree. YES PLEASE!

Banana Cream Pie Popsicle Recipe

These Banana Cream Pie Popsicles have the amazing classic flavor of a banana cream pie molded and frozen into homemade popsicles. Cool and creamy with a crushed vanilla wafer topping.

Strawberries and cream homemade popsicle

Do you remember those Cream Saver candies. They came in the most amazing Strawberries and Cream flavor. That’s exactly what I think of when I see these strawberries and cream popsicles.

Coconut mango homemade popsicles

Here’s another popsicle that just might make me dream of being on a beach in paradise. Coconut Mango Homemade Popsicle is packed full of flavor.

Homemade cookies and cream popsicle

What would a list of homemade popsicles be without a delicious cookies and cream popsicle recipe?

Raspberry Lemon Cheesecake popsicle

Another from the same website is this raspberry lemon cheesecake popsicle. Look at the ingredients this includes. So yummy


pineapple blueberry homemade otter pops

These pineapple blueberry popsicles are like a grown up version of an Otter Pop! Yup, even grown ups can enjoy the otter pop style popsicles!

Creamy Vanilla Berry Popsicle

Lastly, but definitely not least, these creamy vanilla berry popsicles are gonna be a huge hit this Summer. It’s like a bowl of berries and cream in popsicle form!

There’s a few supplies that will make your homemade popsicles the best they can be. The ones I would recommend can be found below. Click on the image to be taken directly to the site to purchase.

popsicle mold
popsicle sticks
popsicle bags
popsicle stick holder
Teething popsicle molds

We’ve got a ton of other amazing recipes that you are going to love.







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