15 Easy School Morning Breakfasts

Beat the school morning rush with these quick and easy breakfast ideas. They can be prepped ahead of time, frozen, or made in just a few minutes.

We are just about to kick the kids out the door each morning for school. And I’m not sure about you, but we got really lax this Summer with morning routines. The kids would wake up when they wanted, and usually grab a bowl of cereal or wait until I was up to make everyone a “hot breakfast”.

So now that school is about to start I need to begin thinking about getting our morning routine back in place. A big portion of that routine is breakfast. The time spent both making and eating breakfast can not take as long as it has this Summer, so I have been on the lookout for a few different options.

I was looking for 2 different types of breakfasts; ones that are easy/quick and also ones that can be prepped/made the night before.

bacon and spinach egg muffins

These bacon and spinach egg muffins will make your morning easier! Prepare these ahead of time and microwave for a quick meal on the run.

coffee cake muffins bursting with cinnamon and streusel top

These coffee cake muffins are easy and so good! The sour cream makes them perfectly rich and moist. These muffins are bursting with cinnamon and the streusel top is crumbly and sweet and takes the muffin to a whole new level.

set overnight oats with berries, coconut, peanut butter, Chia se

Create a healthy breakfast to have prepped and ready with these overnight oats recipes. So many fun ways to dress up oats for a healthy breakfast.

Dairy Free Whole Wheat Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes, dairy free, pancakes

These pancakes are worth waking up for. These Dairy Free Whole Wheat Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes are an incredible way to start your day. 

Freezer friendly!

make-ahead frozen french toast sticks

Frozen French toast sticks aren’t just some novelty frozen food, but rather a legitimately warm and filling breakfast perfect for little eaters even on the most harried school mornings. French toast sticks are exactly as they sound — sticks of soft, pillowy bread soaked in sweet, custardy goodness and then baked to golden perfection. You can eat them straight out of the oven or stash them in the freezer for your future self.

sausage breakfast sliders

Sliders … for breakfast. Breakfast just took a staple from dinner and made it better. Whip up this Maple Pork Sausage Breakfast Sliders.

homemade blueberry pop tarts

Don’t rely on the same old pop tart flavors out of the box, but instead make your own delicious homemade pop tarts filled with your own flavors and combos.

blueberry pancake bites

What I love about this quick and easy breakfast idea is that they have fresh fruit. Make them on a Sunday and they’ll last for a few days, and they are delicious! Make this blueberry pancake bites recipe for your kids, you’ll thank me later.

Non-traditional breakfast food, turned breakfast!

breakfast quesadillas made 4 different ways

Breakfast Quesadillas that can be made 4 different ways. Plus it’s freezer friendly! There’s the hearty Meat Lover, packed with bacon, sausage and ham. The Cheese Lover mixes it up with three kinds of cheese, and the Veggie Lover is loaded up with fresh peppers, onions, and mushrooms. And last but not least, you can give it a tropical touch with the Hawaiian, with cheddar, ham, and pineapple.

egg muffin cups

I like these egg muffin cups because you can make up a batch on the weekend for easy grab and go breakfast ideas all week. It’s basically like a breakfast casserole but in a muffin tin.

sausage pancake bites

These Sausage Pancake Bites are something to make ahead on a Sunday and then just pop in the toaster oven on a weekday for a simple and delicious breakfast. It’s the perfect solution for a hectic Monday morning scramble to get everyone out the door!

raspberry oatmeal muffins

Raspberry Oatmeal Muffins are an easy breakfast meal full of healthy oats, raspberries and greek yogurt. They are perfect for a quick grab and go meal or even to tuck inside the lunchbox.


breakfast apple nachos

Move over eggs and bacon! There’s a new breakfast in town! This Breakfast Apple Nachos recipe is a delicious healthy breakfast idea. No matter what you crave in the morning, this easy and healthy apple breakfast recipe is a great way to start your busy morning. Chocolate, peanut butter, granola, and healthy apples make a delicious breakfast idea that’s way more fun than bacon and eggs!

make ahead french toast-pear muffins

Save some time in the morning, and start these Make-Ahead French Toast-Pear Muffins the night before. An easy-to-make batter is refrigerated overnight and baked in the oven the next day for sweet, delectable Make-Ahead French Toast-Pear Muffins.

jazzed up breakfast toast

Do you love breakfast toast? Mix things up with these 9 different ways to load up your regular breakfast toast.

Some other of our favorite breakfast ideas are muffins. They make a great grab and go meal while rushing out the door. Here’s a few great muffin recipes we have here on My Mommy Style.






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