How to Make the Ultimate Healthy Disney Dining Plan

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How to make the ultimate healthy Disney dining plan in 2019? To keep it simple, you must plan ahead according to your goals. After three Disney trips in 2018 and becoming the author of Healthy Disney; Your Guide to a Fit and Magical Vacation: Volume 1 – The Planning Phase, I have figured out the ultimate planning method to make your healthy Disney dining plan this year.  My name is Danye Phillips and I am a fitness, health and lifestyle entrepreneur who is ready to share my secrets to staying healthy while traveling to Disney in 2019.

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Planning out your Ultimate Healthy Disney Dining Plan in 2019

Planning out your ultimate healthy Disney dining plan in 2019 starts 180 days out from your Disney vacation start date.  In my book, I have highlighted crucial steps for you to take and activities for you to complete while planning your health on vacation at the 180 days out mark, 60 days out mark, 30 days out mark and the week of your trip.  As we are in January 2019, I will cover the crucial key points for your 180 days out planning. Here are action steps you should consider to achieve your ultimate healthy Disney dining plan and vacation in 2019.

  1. Ask yourself if your mindset is ready for some health and some fun? If you are not ready to commit to health goals on vacation, then no plan will save you.
  2. Write down your healthy goals for your vacation.
  3. Write down common objections you will hear (either from yourself or others) that may hinder you from sticking to your plan.
  4. Write down your polite response to these objections.
    • Example Objection: “You are always following a strict diet at home; can’t you just enjoy the meals on vacation?”
    • Example Response: “I truly appreciate your concern and care for my well-being.  I am going to enjoy some Disney magical desserts in addition to some higher quality, nutrient dense food options.”
  5. Review & Choose which 2019 Disney Dining Plan option best fits your goals.
  6. Review the days you plan to attend specific parks and what restaurants are available within those parks.

What does the 2019 Disney Dining Plan Include?

What does the 2019 Disney Dining Plan include? You are three options of different Disney dining plans to choose from in 2019.  Considering the goals you wrote above, your travel party, and your budget, you may or may not want to choose one of these three options.  The three Disney dining plan options are:

  1. Quick Service Disney Dining Plan
  2. Regular Disney Dining Plan
  3. Deluxe Disney Dining Plan

A quick service Disney dining plan gives each person per night stay of their Disney vacation: 2 snack credits, 2 quick service credits, and 1 refillable travel mug.

A regular Disney dining plan gives each person per night stay of their Disney vacation: 2 snack credits, 1 quick service credit, 1 table service credit and 1 refillable travel mug.

A deluxe Disney dining plan gives each person per night stay of their Disney vacation: 2 snack credits, 3 meal credits (quick service or table service), and 1 refillable travel mug.


If budget is not a concern for you, then I highly recommend any of the Disney dining plans as this takes the pressure off or reviewing pricing meal to meal and relieves a lot of stress by pre-paying for meals before your vacation start date.  You can absolutely choose menu items a la carte in Disney restaurants and spend less than what you do using the Disney dining plans. What experience are you searching for is the question?

Is the 2019 Disney Dining Plan the right option for me?

Is the 2019 Disney Dining Plan the right option for me? Based on the above information and the below tips you can make this decision right now. Find more frequently asked questions and answers for first time Disney dining plan users on my podcast episode 72 & 73.  Here are 3 tips to determine if it is worth using the 2019 Disney dining plan or bringing your own meals into the parks and/or purchasing food a la carte.

  1. Are you traveling with little ones who are picky eaters or are you trying to limit your over-consumption of food? Perhaps the table service meals (included in the regular and deluxe Disney dining plan) are not for you.  Your kiddos will probably waste the large amount of food provided in these meals and while it is easy to over-indulge in the moment and not “waste” the food in front of you, you will feel sluggish and uncomfortable after the fact.
  2. Do you have a goal of limiting your alcohol and dessert intake on your 2019 Disney vacation? Alcoholic beverages and desserts are generally included in table service meals.  Perhaps the regular or deluxe Disney dining plan is not for you.
  3. Do you have a goal to eat less breads and starchy carbohydrates during your vacation? Perhaps choose a dining plan that does not include table service credits as cast members in majority of the table service restaurants automatically bring bread to your table. (You can always ask for them to not bring the temptation over).
  4. Do you have a goal to eat more nutrient dense vegetables during your vacation? Whether a quick service or counter service or table service restaurant, Disney cast members are happy to give you some extra veggies on the side.  All you must do is ask.

What are tips for creating the ultimate Healthy Disney Dining Plan?

What are tips for creating the ultimate Healthy Disney Dining Plan? The ultimate healthy Disney dining plan looks different for everyone because everyone has a different definition of health and different goals for different phases of life.  During my 2018 Disney travels I have dieted and searched for simple maintenance tips. It’s not possible to just wing it so planning does make a difference. Here are 7 go-to strategies to enjoy some fun foods but keep up with healthy, nutrient dense options during my Disney vacations.

  1. Ask for double veggies and half the amount of starchy carbohydrates in your meal.
  2. Grab a free cup of water (thirsty or not) when you walk by a water station in Starbucks or a counter service restaurant.
  3. Be ok with NOT eating everything on the plate.
  4. Center meal choices around lean protein options and choose grilled or blackened protein instead of fried protein options.
  5. Ask your cast member as you sit down for a meal NOT to bring bread to the table.
  6. Choose a dessert to split between your group instead of everyone getting their own.
  7. Bring your own protein snacks into Disney with you.  Disney has improved their snack options by including fresh fruit and vegetables, but many additional snacks are very carbohydrate and fat heavy while lacking protein and micronutrients.


What are my 10 favorite Go To Healthy Disney snacks in the parks?

What are my favorite and best recommendations to fill in the gaps in my ultimate Healthy Disney dining plan? Well, I have 10 must include items for you to keep in mind during your planning phase.  Most of these you can purchase in the parks (a la carte or with a snack credit) or you can bring them in with you.

  1. Starbucks Tall Almond Milk Latte (your light and caffeinated beverage of choice)
  2. Hard boiled eggs
  3. Fruit Containers
  4. Greek Yogurt or Chia Seed Yogurt and Granola Cups
  5. Protein Powder/Bar  *Bring these from home*
  6. Hummus and Pretzel pack
  7. Veggie Container
  8. Starbucks Reduced Fat Turkey Bacon Egg White Sandwich/Spinach Feta Egg White Sandwich
  9. Grilled Chicken Skewers (Available in Magic Kingdom-Frontierland-Liberty Square Market)
  10. Starbucks Egg White Bites

If you are a super planner like me then I recommend charting out your ultimate healthy Disney dining plan each day.  In my Healthy Disney Planning Guide, I provide a chart with six meal/snack slots to fill out according to day, time, location, and meals.

For more tips and strategies surrounding fitness, food and travel at Disney, connect with me in my email list or follow my busy life on social media! Until next time, have a magical and mommy style of a day!


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Thank you so much to Dayne for guest posting today! Make sure you’re following along on her podcast, I will be a guest there soon! Also, if you’re looking to vacation at Disneyland any time in 2019 book your tickets before January 15th to lock in 2018 pricing! I cannot wait to see the new Star Wars Land!

One of my favorite new restaurants in the LampLight Lounge in California Adventure! They have a lot of healthy meals for children and adults and the atmosphere is gorgeous. You can read more about my favorites here. 

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