Dear Dad,


Dear Dad,

I know this is the first time you’ve held me in your arms, and it is a whole new experience.  You may feel a bit overwhelmed, but together we’ll make it. We  will have lots of good times together, things to see, places to go, holidays and birthdays to celebrate, school performances to watch, and more.  We are only beginning our journey.

When I cry at night, in the dark, for no apparent reason – I just want to be held in your strong arms.  When I fill 3,000 diapers in a the first year of my life, I apologize – but I just can’t help myself.  And when I start learning to walk, and pull away from you for the first time, remember that after I make a mess, I’ll be back.  I know you’re excited to hear what I have to say and begin talking, but believe me – you can wait.  I will say mean things, like “NO”  and it’s just because I’m figuring out who I am, what I believe, and discovering this great big world. It’s not because I really “hate you”.  More than likely, we will have some issues at some point, in a shopping cart at some store somewhere, and I’m just sorry about that. And on the days that you look at me wrong, and I burst into tears, it’s just because I am trying to figure so many things out  on the inside, and my emotions are going rampant crazy, and the mean girl at school said something really stupid that made me question my self  worth – so just grin and let it roll off your back – because I really do love you.  And when you ask me to do something, and I whine and roll my eyes, make me do it anyway.  I’m just testing to see how much you really care, and it is the only way I’ll learn respect.  And when I start liking boys, it will drive you crazy watching me share my heart with others, but it is normal, and you did it to Grandpa.

Basically, there will be a lot of times I’ll push you away over the next several years, and you’ll spend time chasing me – but it’s just because I feel safe with you – so keep running.  I know you care unconditionally, and  you’ll always be there for me.

Just love me.

Hug me when I walk into the room, and ask me how my day was.  I may not always answer, but keep asking.  Teach me what it means to be treated like a princess, by showing mom and I, so that when the time is right, I will choose a man that does the same.  Remind me how beautiful I am, especially on the inside – because people in this great big world will tell me over and over, that I’m not worth much or good enough.  I will tell you very long, seemingly unimportant stories, but listen and engage – it will make me smile so big on the inside, that you wouldn’t even believe it.  Set me straight when I need it, but back it up with extra love and patience. Remember that hot chocolate is very important after sleigh riding, and the marshmallows are the best part. Let me work on projects with you, because even though I’m not a boy, it will bring us closer together and make fun memories.  Teach me to run and play and work hard in school.  Laugh and pray with me.

But for now, just hold me and take one day at a time.


(This post was lovingly written by a new “My Mommy Style” Grandma “Gigi” – Janae Moss)

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  • Trish Andersen

    Absolutely beautiful Janae as always! All new parents need a wonderful letter like that! Heck I needed that as I am in the thick of raising my youngest who is 16! I am passing this on to my daughter and son in law who are dealing with a 2 year old who is learning to say No!ReplyCancel

  • Janae

    Thanks Tricia 🙂 as I wrote it, it was a good reminder to myself! XoReplyCancel

  • Candice


    This is beautiful. My son had his first child on Dec 14, 2013. She is the greatest gift. The other day she tipped and bumped her head while he was watching her and I could tell that he felt like the worst father in the world. If only he knew how many more bumps, bruises and scrapes are on the way…..I am going to give him a copy of this for his first father’s day. Thanks so much for sharing!!ReplyCancel

    • Thanks Candice. I usually write such personal things…I’m glad that someone finds value in it 🙂 It was a good reminder for me as well! Have a great day!ReplyCancel


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