Father’s Day Gifts Men Actually Want

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These days it’s almost too easy to get your dad a Father’s Day gift. Neckties and tool kits remain popular gift items to fall back on when it seems too hard to get creative. The modern dad may be harder to shop for than Ward Cleaver, but knowing where to look can make all the difference. Here are some Father’s Day gift suggestions for the modern dad so you’ll never end up relying on cliche gifts to get you through the holiday again:


Steelbook/Special Edition Blu-rays

With the intervention of streaming services and HD on demand programming, Blu-ray stands out as having something more to offer than just high definition. The modern man loves collectibles, and if your Dad is a movie buff, the Blu-ray format offers tangible, collectible and steelbook editions that you won’t find anywhere else. If your Dad’s a real film freak, look no further than the Criterion Collection. Criterion’s vast library of special edition blu-rays of “important classic and contemporary films” feature original cover art, collectible packaging, unique special features, and the best restoration technology available. And if Criterion doesn’t have your Dad’s favorite movies, you can always find a steelbook or special edition blu-ray that he’ll love. Check out Empire Online’s 35 Best looking DVD/Blu-Ray steelbook covers for more ideas.


Gaming Systems

The modern man loves video games. If you have the means, a brand new X Box One or PS4 is the surefire way to a Dad’s heart. Plus, it’s something he can enjoy with the whole family. The X Box One Assassin’s Creed or PS4 Batman: Arkham Knight bundles are sure to win over Dad this Father’s Day as a gift that keeps on giving.


Powder Coated Auto Parts

Want to give your Dad a gift he’ll really appreciate? Have his most high temperature auto parts powder coated for optimal performance and durability. Valve covers and other auto parts susceptible to heat damage will peel over time even when coated with the most high temperature paints. Having valve covers coated with a ceratoke powder coat finish will look great and remain durable for years. Check out this blog for more powder coating ideas and options.


Traditional Shaving Kit

Traditional and “old-fashioned” shaving kits are all the rage these days. For the man who wants a quality, clean shave, a traditional shaving kit will prove to be his best friend. Surprise your Dad with a chrome or ebony matching straight razor and shaving brush waiting on his bathroom counter. Or give him some quality, old-fashioned shaving soap to go with a new open-comb safety razor.



Smartwatches are one of the fastest growing trends on the market today, especially for men. Equipping your dad with an apple watch (fit with a screen protector or one of many other accessories) may be just the thing to spice up Father’s Day. Or, perhaps giving Dad an LG Urban smartwatch will add that extra touch of state-of-the-art class to his business attire. Take a look at Best Buy’s Smartwatch Guide to find the smartwatch that makes the most winning statement.


Drones and Quadcopters

One thing the modern man shares with all men through the ages is a love for gadgets and tech toys. Drones are quickly becoming the most popular household gadget on the market, and make for a fun, surprisingly affordable Father’s Day gift. With an HD camera quadcopter, Dad can have fun surveying his domain, or pal around with the kids indoors with a Cheerson CX-10 micro drone. Just run a search on amazon or any other online shopping destination and you’ll be sure to find something Dad will enjoy.


Quality Headphones

If you have a dad who loves his tunes, what better way to make his Father’s Day special than by surprising him with some new, quality headphones for him to phase out and tune in with. Supply him with some Beats for relaxing home listening sessions, or some HQ earbuds for the commute to work. However your dad listens to music, there’s sure to be something out there that’ll make his listening experience that much better.

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