Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For The Whole Family

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, which means some gift shopping is in order. But it isn’t always easy. Finding gifts for all the people in your life, not just that special someone, can present a challenge. That’s where this Valentine’s Day gift guide steps in to help. With Valentine gifts appropriate for all ages, it will help you get that shopping done in a flash.

Baby Valentine’s Gifts

Let’s face it; any first-time valentine’s day gifts you choose for a baby are really more for you. The baby doesn’t care about cute Valentine’s Day gifts; she just wants to put everything in her mouth. So, here’s an assortment of adorable gifts suitable for a baby, but cute enough for you as well.

Let’s start with better sleep for you and baby shall we? The Dreamland Baby Co weighted sleep sac is a gift to all! I loved using sleep sacs for my baby, and I wish I would have had this one for my babies. It will help your daughter self soothe and sleep well for long stretches which is the best gift of all.

We’ll start things off with this Disney Baby My First Valentine’s Day Book. This cute little book is sturdy enough that your baby can’t destroy it immediately. And it’s a nice little option to spend a bit of quality time reading to the baby.  If you’re looking for more Valentine Book ideas consider this list.

This adorable stuffed set allows your baby to play with quality-made, heavy-duty Valentine’s themed stuffed toys. The small stuffed toys fit into the plush box for easy storage. When they are taken out, the box itself is a toy as well! The Be My First Valentine 6 Piece Soft Toy Playset is a perfect option for babies who are old enough to play with toys.  

Babies love to put things in their mouths. The trick is keeping them from putting everything and anything that doesn’t belong in there, in. Instead of constantly chasing them around, a great option is to give them an alternative that is made for putting in their mouths. This Soft Pink Elephant Teether for Babies is perfect for Valentine’s Day, but it’s designed in a way that your little one can use it year-round. 

Speaking of gifts that will fit right in on Valentine’s Day, but that you don’t have to put away the rest of the year, this Pink Giraffe Plush is a soft, huggable friend that your baby is sure to love.  

When they’re older, you aren’t allowed much, if any, input into this. So, while you can, let everyone know who your baby’s valentine is with this Mommy is My Valentine Outfit. And then take blackmail pictures for when he is older.

Kids Valentine’s Gifts

Of course, older kids deserve Valentine’s gifts too. And for those too old for baby gifts, but too young to have a valentine of their own, you will need to step in again. These Valentine’s ideas are all appropriate for kids who are beyond the baby stage, but who still qualify as kids. 

These adorable wood puzzles are each decorated with a Valentine’s theme. You can promote learning sneakily while the kids have fun putting them together. This 4 Pack Valentine’s Day Wooden Puzzles for Kids is a perfect gift for a younger one on Valentine’s Day. 

For the stuffed animal lover on your list, you can’t go wrong with this Cow Heart Plush. This little cutie will put a smile on your little one’s face. Even for the not-so-little, if you choose to go that route. 

Give your kids the gift of your Time:

Something I spent a year creating is the Time For Us Journals. They are designed to do with kids ages 2-12 and create an amazing opportunity for you and your child to connect side by side. The unique prompts and activities will for sure be something you cherish for a lifetime. There are TWO volumes to enjoy. Volume one and volume two both include “about me” pages, “kid quiz”, conversation starters, and space for your child to be creative and draw.

If you have Valentine’s plans of your own, and little ones, you know those two usually don’t mix. Help preserve a little time for you and your valentine with this Valentine’s Day Coloring Activity Book. Lots of fun pages to color and activities to do. Maybe you can even convince your little one that they have to finish the whole book on Valentine’s Day. 

If you have a little girl, and she’s daddy’s girl, she won’t have any problem letting people know it. Give her something sparkly to spread the word with this Daddy’s Girl Rhinestone Heart Pendant Necklace.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Teens

Now here is where things start getting sticky. Teens are difficult by nature. So, any Valentine’s Day gift guide needs to be loaded up with unique Valentine’s gifts to cover a lot of different tastes. These gifts will help remind your teen that you still care about them, no matter what else is going on in the world around them.

If you have a teen girl in your household, she just might be getting a gift from a teen boy. And let’s face it; it will be terrible. Teen boys don’t know how to pick good gifts for girls. You can save the day by getting her something pretty, like this Rose in Glass with LED Light. This sparkly rose floats under a glass hurricane jar and will light up with sparkly fairy lights. Turn her room into someplace magical this Valentine’s. 

Sentimental Gifts for your Teens

This next gift is designed for military parents, but it really echoes the thoughts of the parents of every teen, each time they leave the house. Give your teen a hug they can take with them and remind them that you always want them to come back home with the Pocket Hug Token Keepsake.

Whether you are Mom or Dad, there are some things that your daughter always needs to know. This “You are loved You are valued You are beautiful” leather inspirational bracelet is a perfect reminder of what she should never forget, no matter what life throws at her. 

Did your teen’s Valentine’s Day maybe not go quite how she hoped? There’s nothing better for her to get all those emotions out than this All I Got For Valentine’s Day Is This Stupid Journal. Who knows, maybe someday she can look back at how she was at this age, and she might just admit that she could be a tiny bit dramatic at times.

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

If you don’t have any ideas in terms of valentine’s day gifts for her, you are in serious trouble already. Quick, read this Valentine’s gift guide for her, and then get shopping while there’s still time left.

Gifts I’ve enjoyed the most have always been those that relate to something personal, whether it be about myself personally or our relationship. You can actually commission someone to turn your love story into a love song! That is what on of the most unique gifts I’ve ever heard of.

For mom, why not try something unique and personal? Consider getting her a customized photo book with her favorite memories from throughout the years. One of my favorite gifts is Chatbooks family Photo Albums! It is a company that allows you to take the pictures from your phone and turn them into photo books with a few easy clicks.

You can always go with a classic like a heartfelt card showing her how much she means to you. For the tech-savvy moms out there, get them one of the latest gadgets on the market – anything from an iPad Pro to a fitness tracking watch. Or if she loves jewelry, you could opt for a classic pair of earrings or necklace.

Finding a unique Valentine Gift Idea

If you aren’t totally sure what to go with, you can just swing for the fences with the Preserved Real Red Rose Bear Gift Box. This has a small bear, an actual preserved rose, as well as a necklace with a secret message inside. She will think you are amazing. 

Another great way to go is with something that makes her feel warm, figuratively and literally. This Love Blanket is covered in romantic messages and is sure to make her think about you when she’s all snuggly. Ideal if you struggle to find the right words to say. I’ve always been a big fan of Minky Couture, it is superior in all ways of the softest blankets.

If you’ve ever wanted to light up her night just like you light up her life, the Wife Gifts Night Light from Husband is the way to go. With three settings for white light, natural light, and warm light, you really can be her light in the darkness. 

If she’s into simpler things, you can’t go wrong with this Love Couple Figurine. It’s an elegant way to sum up how she makes you feel. With its simple, hand-carved appearance, this will charm her immediately.  

We couldn’t do a gift guide for her without some sort of chocolates. But chocolates are so predictable. Valentine’s Day gifts for foodies need to go above and beyond. Surprise her with this Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Tower instead. With boxes of chocolate covered cookies and biscotti, she will get a variety of flavors and sensations.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Everyone always says it’s the woman who is hard to shop for, but a lot of the time, he can be strangely difficult in his own right. If you struggle to find just the right thing for the guy in your life, be sure to check out this Valentine’s gift guide for him.

While couple rings aren’t usually the first thing people think of when it comes to guys, a surprising number of them are into the idea. Especially if it’s this Valentine’s Day His and Hers Rings that are made with a gamer theme in mind. 

valentines gift for the whole family

If you have a nature loving husband you can’t go wrong with getting a pair of Muck Boots. If you’re looking for a fun, unique gift for the nature lover in your life, look no further than muck boots. These versatile boots can be used for winter adventures, hunting, cleaning up stables/farms, or going for a winter hike. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and styles to suit any taste. So get ready to give the outdoor enthusiast on your list something they’ll love with these amazing muck boots! We love the Arctic Grip all Terrain boots.

valentines gift for the whole family

Want a reminder of your love he can and will carry with him all the time? The I love you Multitool Knife has a large number of uses and will come in handy all the time. And with a special message on the handle, it will keep you in his mind.

If he’s a musician, the I Pick You Valentine’s Day Gift Guitar Pick is the perfect gift. A stainless-steel guitar pick that can actually be used for playing, and which is etched with a message of love. He’s sure to keep it close at hand for whenever a jam session starts up. 

This last one might seem a little bit of an odd choice, at first. The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples is full of great couples activities, but most guys aren’t the sort to appreciate this sort of thing. That is, until he realizes that it takes the pressure off him to come up with something for you to do together. That makes it a game-changer.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for the Whole Family

No matter what kind of gift you decide on this Valentine’s Day, just remember that it’s not just about giving material items but more importantly showing your family how much they mean to you each day! So don’t forget to express your love by creating your own traditions and spending quality time with them too!Looking for Candy-free Valentine’s Day ideas or Valentines Day Treats?

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