Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Disney Lovers

Themed gift guides are always so much fun, and a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Disney lovers is my favorite to share. There are so many amazing takes on classic themes and ideas out there, that just seeing what is available is half the fun. But digging through all of the stuff to find the diamonds in the rough? Well, that isn’t as much fun. That’s why we have this list of Valentine’s gifts for Disney lovers ready to go.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Disney lovers
Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Disney lovers

Disney Valentine’s Day Cards

Cards are always a good idea on Valentine’s Day, and Disney fans are by no means left out on that front. There are loads of great cards for Disney lovers, and here are some of the best for you to pick from. 

When thinking about cards, one name comes immediately to mind. The Hallmark company is synonymous with classy, beautiful, touching cards. This Hallmark Disney Valentine’s Day Card is no exception. Filled with touching sentiments and simple, elegant art, it’s sure to catch the fancy of any lover of classic Disney love stories.

Anyone who had one of those pop-up storybooks as a kid probably has fond memories of how much fun it was. The Lovepop company took that fun to heart and designed a series of pop-up cards which are mindboggling in their level of craft. The intricate Lovepop Disney’s Mickey & Minnie Heart to Heart Pop Up Card hardly seems like it can all pop out of a simple card; but it does. Certain to surprise and delight anyone fond of Minnie Mouse Valentine’s Day gifts.  

Adults shouldn’t be the only ones who have all the Disney fun. This Princess Valentine Card Bubble Wands 24 Pack features a series of Disney Princess-themed Valentine’s cards, each with its own mini bubble wand.

This last item is directed toward all of the Star Wars fans. The Mandalorian Theme Valentine Card depicts one of the series’ most enduring relationships. That’s right, The Mandalorian and Grogu. 

A surprise get away to Disneyland or Disney World

Nothing compares to a little get away with your Disney fan. If you’re a seasoned fan or visiting for the first time this is a memory you will never forget. You can read this post for ideas on how to surprise your sweetheart and call Get Away Today who will help you create the perfect itinerary on any budget. Mention my name and code mymommystyle10 to get a special discount. Get an extra day and night with this special promo happening now!

valentine's day gift guide for disney lovers

Disney Wearable Gifts

Disney knows what they are doing when it comes to merchandizing.  You could furnish an entire house with their products. And wearables are one area in which they really shine. 

This next Valentine gift idea is a perfect gift for the good-natured guy in your life. Let everyone know that he is yours with this Disney His Minnie Her Mickey Couples Valentines Shirt. This shirt has a simple design, and he’ll be happy to be spotted in it around town.  

This next shirt features a great joke with a sweet message as well. The Finding Nemo Valentine’s Day Seagulls Be Mine T-Shirt asks your prospective Valentine if they will be yours with a nice little callback to some minor cast members from Finding Nemo. 

This shirt is going to require you to buy two. It’s the perfect shirt for couples, since it tells everyone that together, you’re invincible. The Pixar Incredibles Couple Heart Valentine T-Shirt will let you wear matching shirts out and about. 

What better way to show that you care than with Disney’s ultimate caregiver? Baymax is a robot designed only for caregiving. Plus, a simple act like a hug can do wonders for a person’s wellbeing. Big Hero 6 Baymax Hug Valentine’s Premium T-Shirt is perfect for anyone who likes to help boost others.  

This next shirt is simple and to the point. Goofy has his share of fans, so you may end up needing some Goofy Valentine’s gifts. Goofy isn’t much for big speeches, so the simple “Be My Valentine” message on this Disney Be My Valentine Goofy T-Shirt is totally appropriate.

Valentine Wearable Gifts for Her

Of course, Valentine’s gifts for her aren’t always going to be clothing. And just because she’s a Disney fan doesn’t mean she won’t want something pretty this Valentine’s. Watch her eyes light up as the sparkles from this Disney Womens Mickey Mouse Necklace catch her attention. 

My favorite Disney necklaces are from Make it Minnie, I am in love everything Ashley has created, everything in her shop is amazing. You will find the most gorgeous designs for necklaces, rings, earrings, and clothing.

You never really grow out of wearing Mickey/Minnie ears; it’s a fact. And you can’t do better than these Valentine’s Minnie Mouse Ears to capture her heart this Valentine’s.

This next one is great for the Mickey Mouse lover in your life. The Loungefly Mickey Mouse Valentine Exclusive Mini-Backpack features Mickey offering a box of chocolates on the front, with an adorable Mickey and Minnie print on the inside. Talk about your perfect Disney Valentine’s gifts for her!

Décor Valentine’s Gifts for Disney Lovers

Another great gift option for Disney lovers can be found in décor items. Disney lovers generally love to show off their fondness for the brand, and a few Disney décor items in the home can get the point across perfectly, while fitting right in with their home’s décor theme.

One great thing about a simple, elegant piece like this Winnie The Pooh Hanging Sign is that it doesn’t look garish or childish. It fits right in with its elegant simplicity. Plus, it bears the slogan “Time Spent Together is Time Well Spent.” This is difficult to argue, and Winnie the Pooh Valentine’s gifts like this can complement anyone’s home. 

Jim Shore makes beautiful ornaments and statuettes. His designs augment known characters to take them to a whole new level. This Tigger Heartfelt Hug Figurine will let your loved one know that you have a hug for them, even when you aren’t around. 

When one thinks about Beauty and the Beast, two major décor points will crop up. There is the library, and then there is the rose. Not everyone has room for a library, but this Beauty and The Beast Rose Decoration tops the list of Disney Valentine’s flowers and will fit into almost any living space. And the rose seems to almost hover, magically lit up with beautiful fairy lights. This is one of the top Valentine’s Day gifts for her. 

Valentine Gift but make it Star wars

While Star Wars has a few really salient relationships, Grogu is the newest breakout star, and shows up on a lot of relationship-themed merchandise. The Star Wars May The Love Be with You Sign will let your loved one know just how you feel. 

Funko Pop releases a lot of different models for a great range of characters. But sometimes they create variants as well. The Funko Pop! Star Wars: Valentines – Cupid Chewbacca is one of the best Disney Valentine’s gifts for him. Everybody loves Chewbacca, and this one is all set up for Valentine’s day.

Now she’s going to need a place to keep all the jewelry she gets, Disney-themed or otherwise. This Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Jewelry Tray is an adorable little dish for putting rings, necklaces, earrings, etc in to keep them safe.

Disney Valentine’s Plush

The magical stories are great. The visuals in the films can be incredible. But really, the strength of any Disney movie stands on the characters. And plush Disney characters always make cute Valentine’s Day gifts. Here are a couple examples of the best of the best. 

Minnie is possibly the sweetest character in Disney’s entire universe. She’s kind to everyone, and that makes her a strong favorite. This Disney Valentine’s Minnie Mouse Plush is the perfect gift for the sweetheart in your life.

If there’s any character that is more universally loved than Minnie, it’s got to be Stitch. This Disney Valentine’s Stitch is absolutely adorable and could make a great gift for a girl or a guy.

Disney Themed Valentine’s Gifts

In a way, Valentine’s ideas for Disney lovers can be very easy, because you know which well to draw from. However, the sheer number of products can re-muddy the waters. Hopefully this guide has helped steer you to the best Valentine gift ideas for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Happy shopping!

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