12 Special ways to surprise your husband on Valentine’s Day

12 special ways to surprise your husband on Valentine's Day

 The men have always seemed to take the reigns when it comes to planning Valentine’s Day celebrations. They send the flowers, plan the date, get the perfect gift, and make sure things run smoothly. This year, give the guy a break and take the reigns on the Valentine’s Day festivities. Consider using one or more of these 12 ways to surprise your husband this Valentine’s Day.

1. Send a Surprise

No matter what they say, guys like surprise gestures too! Sending flowers and chocolates to your husband’s work would be the perfect way to surprise him. If you’re not sure that flowers and chocolates will go over well with our guy, send him something else you know he’ll love, like cookies, coffee, or a personalized gift.

2. Book a Getaway Trip

Your husband will love some alone time with you on a fabulous getaway weekend for two. If money is no object, book a vacation somewhere you’ve always dreamed of going. If money is a little tight, book a vacation in an affordable hotel or search for discounted last minute packages. It doesn’t matter if the hotel isn’t exactly five star accommodations. Your man will love the time alone with you no matter where you are.

3. Plan a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Surprise him with something memorable this year with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You might take him skydiving, base jumping, for a ride in a hot air balloon, race-car driving, or to a renowned amusement park. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it’s something he’s expressed interest in before. If you sign him up for skydiving and the thought is terrifying to him, it won’t be a pleasant surprise. Instead, opt for something you know he’ll enjoy.

4. Leave Love Notes Around

An extremely affordable, but equally meaningful surprise would be placing notes in his daily routine, proclaiming things you love about him. Put them on his cereal box, inside his briefcase, next to his credit cards, in his shoes, with his sandwich, on his car windshield, and anywhere else he might look during the day. Keep the notes and put them in a scrapbook to reminisce on later.

5. Breakfast in Bed

Make heart shaped pancakes, freshly squeezed orange juice, eggs, hash browns, and bacon—a traditional and delicious breakfast that can be enjoyed in bed. If you’re not much of a cook or you’d like to enjoy the morning snuggling in bed with your husband instead of cooking, order out for breakfast.

6. Do Something He Loves

Every man has something he likes to do that his wife doesn’t enjoy. For a special Valentine’s Day surprise, give your husband time to do that. Whether it’s watching the game, playing poker with the guys, or teeing off at the local green, time to himself may be the best holiday surprise.

7. Romantic Treasure Hunt

When your husband gets home from work, surprise him with a clue to a treasure hunt to start off the evening. You might take him to various significant points of your relationship, such as your first date, your first kiss, where he proposed, etc. The “treasure” can be whatever you wish it to be, though a great recommendation would be comfortable bedding and sexy lingerie.

8. Candlelit Dinner

Tell your husband you’re going to make reservations for Valentine’s Day, but instead, create a candlelit dinner at home. Line the path from the door to the dining table with rose petals. Dim the lights, and light tall candlesticks for the table. Make sure you have some bubbly with the dinner. If you don’t want to cook, there’s no shame in ordering in. You can still make it special with the atmosphere. Impress him with this easy and romantic Pasta and Shrimp with Lemon Cream Sauce.

9. Start the Holiday Early

Nothing will surprise your husband more than starting the holiday early, which is a perfect idea for this Valentine’s Day since it’s on a Saturday. Start a day early with a splendid dinner, then a night away if it’s in the budget, or a night at home to cuddle and then sleep in.

10. Spruce Up His Car

Ask him to get a ride to work so that you can take his car in for some sprucing up. Have it washed, waxed, and cleaned so that it’s looking its very best when he gets home. Then, do something to help his car look even better, such as tint the windows, add paint protection, or get windshield protection. For more information and ideas regarding services you can have performed on his car, click here.

11. Coupons for What He Loves

Make up a coupon book for your husband filled with things he loves. This is the perfect gift because you can personalize it to his desires specifically. If he loves working on his car, give him a coupon to perform a service on his car. If he loves having his shoulders rubbed, give him a coupon for that. He’ll love the coupons made specifically for him. While couple rings aren’t usually the first thing people think of when it comes to guys, a surprising number of them are into the idea. Especially if it’s this Valentine’s Day His and Hers Rings that are made with a gamer theme in mind. Want a reminder of your love he can and will carry with him all the time? The I love you Multitool Knife has a large number of uses and will come in handy all the time. And with a special message on the handle, it will keep you in his mind.

Unique gifts that fit his personality

If he’s a musician, the I Pick You Valentine’s Day Gift Guitar Pick is the perfect gift. A stainless-steel guitar pick that can actually be used for playing, and which is etched with a message of love. This last one might seem a little bit of an odd choice, at first. The Ultimate Fun Book for Couples is full of great couples activities, but most guys aren’t the sort to appreciate this sort of thing. That is, until he realizes that it takes the pressure off him to come up with something for you to do together, that makes it a game-changer. One of the best gifts you can give him is a special photo book made just for him. This could be a book of your first dates, places you’ve lived, or special memories through the years. Take it a step up and create a monthly subscription with Chatbooks that helps you upload photos right from your phone to your door. Use the code podcast20 for 20% off. I also LOVE the Moonpod. It is a perfect place to relax ANYWHERE you take it. The pieces are such that you can adjust them to fit any body and are perfect as a lounger, gaming chair, or place to read.

12. Give Him What He’s Always Wanted

Your husband has probably hinted (either subtly or not so subtly) about something he really wants. It could be a tech gadget, a fitness booster, a car service—whatever it is, it’ll mean a lot if you get that thing for him this Valentine’s Day.

With the right food, attire, entertainment, and the perfect gift, this just may be the best Valentine’s Day yet!

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12 Special ways to surprise your husband on Valentine's Day

12 Special ways to surprise your husband on Valentine's Day

12 Special ways to surprise your husband on Valentine's Day

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