8 Ways to Connect With Your Spouse This Winter

When you first got married, you dreamed about a life filled with love. You imagined treasuring every moment together and embracing the joy of marriage, but reality struck. You got busy with work, began a family and found a million different things tugging your attention away from each other.

It’s something every couple experiences at some point after they get married. Once the honeymoon is over, you have to return to real life. Even if you don’t want to, responsibilities sometimes come first before romance. Still, it doesn’t have to stay that way forever.

If you’re looking for more love in your life, try these eight ways to connect with your spouse this winter. You don’t need picnic lunches and garden strolls to prioritize each other. A few simple and fun tips will change your relationship and remind you both why you jumped into marriage in the first place.

Connect With Your Spouse in simple ways

1. Talk for 15 Minutes

Long-distance couples dream about finally living together so there are no more goodbyes and lonely nights. At first, it’s easy to chat after work and hang out on the weekends when you move in together, but it’s also easy to lose that connection.

Sometime between feeding the kids, cleaning up and getting everyone to sleep, find time to talk with your spouse for 15 minutes. You can talk while you both get ready for bed or in the morning before the kids wake up. Those few minutes will recreate that special connection and strengthen your bond.

2. Release Small Grievances

When you’re around someone all the time, it’s easy to argue and hold grudges about the littlest things. You might have reminded your spouse not to leave the living room light on at night for the hundredth time, only for them to do it again.

It’s natural to get annoyed with the people you love, but release your small grievances so nothing creates a barrier between you and your spouse. Take a deep breath and remind yourself why the grudge doesn’t matter so there’s no elephant in the room the next time you have an opportunity to connect. 

3. Complete a Project

Think back to the first time you started a job or entered a classroom and didn’t know anybody. After you were assigned a project to work on with your classmates or coworkers, you began to bond with them and form friendships.

The same thing will work with your spouse. Think about a project you’d like to do around the home this winter, like repainting your living room. Ask your spouse to help complete the project so you bond over things like paint under your fingernails and putting tape along your baseboards. After you finish the work, you’ll share pride in what you accomplished.

4. Run a 5k

Cities hold races all year round, but winter runs are especially fun. You get to laugh while you both shiver at the starting line and feel the exhilaration of cold air in your lungs as you run. 

If you and your spouse might enjoy trying something new, train for a 5k together by running around your neighborhood. Before the kids wake up in the morning, head outside for brisk jogs or go to the gym. It establishes a long-term routine that gets you time together, without introducing bad habits like eating junk food at restaurants to bond. 

5. Head to the Library

Do you and your spouse consider yourself bookworms? Head over to your local library and enjoy an affordable date, or bring your kids along for more family time. They can play in the designated kids’ area or hang out with electronics on the lounge couches. While they wander around the safe environment, you can peruse the shelves together or read side by side.

Libraries also host free activities for families throughout the year. See if they have any exciting upcoming events near you. Even if they’re kid-focused, it’s something the whole family can do together.

6. Cook a New Recipe

Routine can drive a wedge between any married couple. When you’re looking to break through, cook a new recipe as a team for your next meal. You don’t need to learn from a five-star chef to dice and chop alongside each other. Pick a recipe you and your kids will enjoy and get cooking. You’ll develop your teamwork skills and have fun while you make a tasty dish.

7. Try a Dance Class

Indoor winter dates can feel limited to the restaurants you always go to or the movie theater, but those aren’t your only options. Spend a few minutes researching the businesses in your town and try a couple’s dance class. If you’re terrible at dancing, even better. You can laugh together while you struggle to remember the steps or bond while you glide through the routine.

8. Host Karaoke Night

When you’re busy and can’t find time to get a babysitter and hit the town together, host a family karaoke night with just a few supplies. Look up your favorite songs online or play something your kids could sing along to so everyone has fun. Young kids will love holding a hairbrush microphone and belting alongside everyone and you’ll both treasure the memories.

Think About What You Enjoy

What do you like to do in your free time? You might look forward to a quiet walk around your neighborhood or trying new recipes out at home. Think about what you and your spouse like to do and use it as inspiration to create bonding opportunities. Whether you come up with ideas on your own or use these tips, you’ll spend plenty of time together before this winter is over.

Jennifer Landis

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