Top 10 At Home Date Night ideas that are fun, cheap, creative and romantic

Written by: Cassia

Staying at home doesn’t have to make you a square!  This list will give you the perfect inspiration for romantic dates,  first dates, fun dates, creative dates, (maybe even what to do for your Valentine’s Date)  and much more.   We went from 0 to 3 kids in just a couple of years!  Sometimes I can’t afford or just don’t trust anyone to be able to handle my 3 little chompies.  Sometimes, I just don’t want to go to a crowded restaurant and do the same old dinner and a movie routine either.   So we spend of lot of date nights in!  And if you don’t think having a regular date night is important, you are 1000% wrong!   Setting up a weekly date night is a sure fire way to Divorce Proof your marriage!  And Affair Proof too!

For the best ways to completely Affair Proof your marriage (and just a really great read!), {click here!} from the Art of Manliness.

 At Home Date Ideas:

1.  Have a front room camp out.   

Break out the blankets and get creative!  Flash back to when you were 5 and make your own pillow fort!  I promise, you never outgrow pillow forts!  And if you do, then I don’t want to be your friend. 🙂 Get your tea lights out, or even just use your burner and make your own indoor smores!  The image above is from Twelfth Avenue and you can {click here} to see how they make their own s’mores at home!   We like to rent a movie on Vudu or get one for FREE with our Amazon Prime account (click the link and you can try it out free for 30 days!).


2. Have a Theme Night.

You can get SERIOUSLY creative here!  Have an Italian themed date night.  Eat a fancy spaghetti meal, or step it up and make a healthier spaghetti meal with spaghetti squash! You can click here for the recipe.

Keto Low Carb Two Meat Spaghetti  And the super easy Tiramisu is from Daily Mail {click here} for the recipe.   This could be really fun trading off picking and putting together the theme!  Are you lacking ideas? No problem, our very favorite ladies over at the Dating Divas have a million to share!  {click here} 

3.  Cook Together!

This has always been one of my favorite dates!! Plan a meal or a a treat to make…one that you’d really love to try out.  We LOVE us some cookies!  Here is a list of 40 valentines day treats we LOVE! Turn up the music and let lose!

4.  Get Fancy…go to the Prom…at home!

Dress up in your formals, really go all out!! Whatever you do, you MUST set up a tri pod and take your best and CHEESIEST prom photos to commemorate the night!  Be sure to get some awkward ones in there too!  Make a fancy dinner, make your own corsages and boutonnieres.  Blast the music, pretend you’re 16 again, and awkward as heck!  Or really just be romantic and enjoy the closeness of each other!  Try new dance styles, swing, country western, hip hop, just have fun!

5.  Make a Mix Tape!

This used to be the ultimate romantic gesture!  Let’s bring it back in a major way!  Create a playlist for him and her, then every time he plays it, he’ll think of you!   Go through all your old favorites!  What was your style back in high school, college etc.   What songs remind you of when you met, a trip you took, your wedding (if married) etc.  We definitely have playlists that remind us of trips we went on together and I can’t help but remember that camp out or event whenever we listen to those songs!  This is a fun game to play…just get started and you’ll be SHOCKED at all the memories that come flooding back!

6.  Play Would you Rather

This is seriously a fun game, and a GREAT way to really get to know someone better.  There are a few apps that carry it for free, and websites like {Here}.


7. Get your workout on!

Sweating together releases endorphins and can be a hugely bonding experience! Plus, both working out and competition are known to pump up the libido!   This photo above inspires me every time I see it!  My very beautiful and amazing friend and fellow blogger Sadie from Simply Sadie Jane has seriously mastered the art of making working out romantic!  She and her hubby workout together almost every night after they put the kids down to bed!  That has got to be one strong marriage!  I love this idea!



8.  Build something together

Surviving a DIY project together is like marriage boot camp…or like practice for marriage.  If you can survive this, you can survive anything!  Haha!  Start with something small and that you could make in one night, like these cute pallet book shelves from Frenchbydesignblog {here]

9.  Have a movie marathon

Pick out your favorite movie trilogy…(probably gonna have to skip Anne of Green Gables if you want him to sit all the way through! lol), make some popcorn and home made slushies {recipe here} sit back, get snuggly and enjoy!

10.  Learn something new!

Get on youtube and learn something new!  Learn how to salsa dance; plug in your laptop to your tv so you can really see.  Learn how to make an origami bird…I mean seriously, how do you make one of those??  Look up how to give a facial..and do it!!

For only about 1000 other ideas click {here} and {here} oh and especially {here}! They have amazing tips and ideas for other great dates, for staying in and out!

Have fun!



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  • Melissa Hadfield

    My husband and I learned yoga together and it ended up being so much fun. The first few nights we laughed hysterically at how silly we looked TRYING to do the different poses, but eventually we got better at it and it became a great work out and bonding time. Great list Cassia!ReplyCancel

  • Love this post – thanks so much for including my indoor s’mores DIY!ReplyCancel

    • Cassia Denton

      Oh my! Thank you so much for your post. I just love your pictures and your indoor camp out. I just love it, and I appreciate you letting us share it on our blog.ReplyCancel

  • Probably the best article on this topic. I’m single right now I’ll try all these in furture😍😅ReplyCancel

  • So cute! i love this! what a good series. keep them coming 🙂 Allow them to enter. If you’re seeking for great date night gifts for couples, however, you can go to Night In Shop, our online store dedicated to date night costumes for couples.ReplyCancel


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