Valentine’s Day Felted Heart Garland

Hello My Mommy Style readers! My name is Steph, and I blog at The Silly Pearl, about crafts and cooking in between cuddles with my twin girls. Thank you so much to the ladies at My Mommy Style for having me on your lovely blog today so that I can share one of my favorite crafts with you: needle felting. My cozy Felted Valentine Garland is an easy felting project if you have never tried it before.

Felted Heart Garland -- The Silly Pearl

I started out by felting a wool Chandler Bing-style vest I found at the thrift store. Basically, I washed the vest in hot water until it shrank to the point where I could no longer see any seams, and when I cut it, it doesn’t fray. You don’t have to do this, however. You can purchase already felted wool, or just use felt. But felted wool will have a cozier, fuzzier feel.


You will also need:


  • Felting Needle Mat (the big brush-looking thing)
  • Felting Needle Tool (the yellow and green thing)
  • Wool yarn
  • A template to cut out the hearts (I used a cookie cutter)
  • Pinking shears (regular scissors are ok too)
  • Not shown: pins, tapestry needle, something to hang the garland such as another piece of yarn, twine or strip of fabric.

Note: I learned a lot from this video from Mrs Polly Rogers so definitely check out her great tutorial! If you try it, please be careful with the felting needles…they are barbed and very sharp! So keep your hands away as you felt.

First, I cut out the hearts from the felted vest with my pinking shears.


Then I placed a heart onto the felting board, took my wool yarn and shaped it into an L using pins. Don’t stab the pins into the bottom of the board or you may damage it…they’re just gently holding the yarn in place. Don’t cut off the rest of the yarn yet.


I carefully started punching the felting needles straight up and down in gentle, quick strokes, in between the pins (don’t felt the pins or you may damage your felting needles).


Eventually start removing the pins one by one as you felt and as the yarn starts to stick to the heart. Keep punching in the yarn after you’ve removed all the pins to make sure the yarn is incorporated into the fabric. You’ll be able to see little fibers from the yarn on the opposite side.


When you’ve felted most of it, overlap the lose ends of the yarn to form the L and trim off the excess.


And felt down the ends.


Repeat with all the letters and you’re ready to string them into a garland. I used a tapestry needle with the same yarn to sew them to a piece of thick yarn.

Felted Valentine Garland

You can do shapes too!


Hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and hope you’ll stop by my blog, The Silly Pearl, for more Valentine’s Day crafts, printables, and recipes.

Valentines Day Crafts Printables and Recipes at The Silly Pearl

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Thank you so much again to the ladies of My Mommy Style for having me on the blog today! –Steph @ The Silly Pearl

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