Best Trending Valentine’s Day Décor

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to bring out the red and pink hearts for decorating. Whether you like an explosion of hearts or subtle hints of love with your décor, this guide will show you the best trending Valentine’s Day décor. Finding the perfect gift for your husband may be a challenge, but these ideas will make decorating for Valentine’s Day easy!

Valentine’s Day Trees

Valentine’s Day trees have been becoming increasingly popular in the last few years. Leave up your Christmas tree and turn it into a Valentine’s Christmas tree to continue that sparkle through the new year and beyond. There are so many options for a Valentine’s tree, you’ll wonder why you never tried to do one before now!

If you don’t want anything too garish, you can always go simple with white lights, and even add in some pink lights. Little touches like this can sometimes be all you need.

If you like the simplicity of the lights, but feel like you need just a little more, you can accent the lights with these Pink and White Valentine’s Day Rattan Hearts. Add in some Valentine’s Day Ball Ornaments to bring in a little shine to your tree and let your lights sparkle on them. It will look fantastic.

This tree from Savvy Saving Couple is one of my favorites

To add yet another layer to the tree, accent it with some Valentine’s Day Decorative Mesh Ribbon. You can wrap it around the tree, weaving it in and out of the branches before hanging ornaments for some lovely splashes of pink and white.

Of course, you don’t have to leave up the Christmas tree to include a Valentine tree with your decorations. This Lighted Birch Tree with 10 Pcs Valentine’s Day Hanging Heart Ornaments is a great compromise for the decorator that prefers a subtle touch, or if you’re just challenged for extra space. It still holds that Valentine’s Day tree charm without making you keep an entire Christmas tree up in your living room for the whole year.

Soft Pink Valentine Décor

Speaking of subtle touches, this trending Valentine décor is another example of how to decorate without overdoing it. Use mainly crème colors with soft touches of pink/pastels for this trend. Keeping things understated is the name of the game with this trend.

This pretty Two Hearts One Love Reverse Box Sign brings a bit of a farmhouse Valentine decor feel to your house. It’s understated, but undeniably steeped in Valentine’s charm.

Also, there are these cute pastel ornaments modeled after the pastel candy Conversation Hearts that show up every Valentine’s Day. A little conversation heart décor is just the thing for a soft touch to Valentine’s décor. And who can look at these and not think of Valentine’s Day?

Another great accent is this Artificial Heart-Shaped Wreath Rose Petal Wreath. It looks great hanging on a wall, or on your front door to greet your visitors. The white rose petals form a heart-shaped wreath which is elegant without being too bright or distracting.

A classic option for Valentine’s Day is roses, and they look perfect with all these other choices. But real roses die, and won’t keep for more than a few days. These White Artificial Rose Flowers get around that problem, yet still look elegant. Put the white roses in something simple like this Ceramic Vase Set.

Tiered Tray Décor

Tiered trays are a trending décor item for recent holidays. You can customize them to fit any holiday, which means they can stay out year-round. It’s a fantastic option for Valentine’s Day décor. 

Love this tiered design from Dining Delight

Start off with this Farmhouse Tiered Tray with Beads. It fits in with a farmhouse theme and comes with a matching string of beads to accent your décor. 

Then you will need to pick out some items that match the holiday in question. This Mini Ceramic Canister Valentine’s Day Red Decorative Jar is a great way to start things off. It’s a cute little red jar that is unmistakably all about Valentine’s Day.

If the included bead garland isn’t quite Valentine’s enough for you, pick up this 2 Piece Valentine’s Day Bead Garlands. The pink and red colored beads with the heart at the end compliments multiple décor themes. 

And who doesn’t want to go for a coffee date on Valentine’s Day? Recall those coffee date feelings with these Faux Valentine’s Cream Cups

If you don’t feel like getting your items piecemeal, you can always opt for this Ultimate Farmhouse Tiered Tray Decor Set. It comes with an assortment of Valentine’s Day décor items to make decorating easy.

Vintage Valentine Décor

Vintage décor is a perfect match for Valentine’s Day. There’s something about that vintage atmosphere that hearkens back to fond memories of your own, or even things people did before your time. It just has a romantic feel to it. Vintage is always a popular option for Valentine home décor.

Start things off with this Decorative Distressed Metal Wall-Mounted Post Mailbox. Stuff a few vintage valentines in, so they are just poking out of the mail slot to complete the look. 

Another decorating option is a wreath, but this time it’s a Peony Flower Wreath. This Valentine’s wreath has a great vintage feel and resembles wreaths people used to decorate with.

Of course you don’t want to neglect your table, so pick up a set of these 3Pcs Valentine Vintage Wooden Centerpiece Table Decorations. These Valentine’s centerpieces will tie your table in with the rest of the vintage décor theme that you have going. 

One last option to bring the table in to the overall scheme is with these Romantic Cursive Handwritten Love Letter Valentine Hearts Beige Placemats. They evoke handwritten love notes from ages past and will put you in the Valentine’s Day mood.  

There are all sorts of options for Valentine’s Day décor, and you can get your house decorated for the holiday without having to break the bank or spend hours combing through tons of listings looking for Amazon Valentine’s decorations. Just pick a few options from this list, add in your own touches, and happy decorating.

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