Activia Challenge

Today, I’ve decided to try out a sponsored post, because… well… why not?! (Of course, all opinions are my own.)

Maybe it’s because I’m feeling BRAVE, but mostly it’s because a lot of the time I’m feeling downright full of things, such as bloating, discomfort, gas and rumbling! Don’t believe me? Read THIS:

So who better to team up with than Dannon and receive a whole bunch of Activia, to do the Activia challenge! My husband is excited, really.  Once, about three months ago, I opened up the fridge and found Activia sitting there.  Honestly, I had never seen such a thing before and so I turned around and asked my JonBoy.

“Jon, why is there Activia in the fridge?  What is it?”

“It’s for you, Janae.”


“Because you need it.”

So, I smiled my prettiest smile, and my intestines warmed up about how thoughtful my hubby was – and I ate one.  It was peach, and I always like peach, but I wondered how sexy I looked eating it.  It tasted good, and I waited for something amazing to happen.  Honestly, I didn’t  have any life shattering signs that I should eat it every day, but I’m pretty sure that it’s because I ate it once.  One time. SO, when I was approached to take the Activia Challenge, I thought it might be awesome – or scary – or both – I haven’t decided yet.

So my first job was to go shopping and buy a whole supply of Activia.  You should have seen the man’s face that was watching me load up my shopping cart! He kept glancing over, while his two kids kept trying to ask him questions.  “Dad, dad, dad, … DAD!” And then it happened, He looked toward me and asked. “So…. why are you eating so much Activia? Does that make you nervous?” So I looked at the man with my prettiest smile, and said ” Yes”.  I turned toward my daughter, Whitney, and we both bust out laughing.



It was her job to take pictures of us buying the Activia, and we were getting a kick out of making such a scene.  (Thank you Whitney!) Having such a big family, we always spend a TON of money on food, but having a whole shopping cart of Activia, and nothing else, it stood out even more, kind of like when you buy a month supply of tampons for a family with six daughters. But that’s okay, because I’m ready to clean up my eating and this month long challenge will fit in nicely!


I’m a big fan of my fitness pal, and I plan to track my exercise and eating on my account there, starting Monday, if you’d like to follow along.  My user name is shmonae.  Let’s be fitness friends!  I’d love it if you took the Activia challenge along with me, so we can swap war stories.  (It works or it’s free! Here are the official rules) I really think that overall, I will feel so much better when I treat my body well.  The goal is to eat Activia twice a day for four weeks as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.  I plan on eating the yogurt with breakfast and for a sweet snack during some other part of my crazy day.  This may be at my desk, in the car or laying in bed at night when I’m craving a sweet snack and I stir in butterscotch chips and heath bar… okay, I’m kidding. Kind of.


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