The best boots for fall

The Best Boots for Fall


Fall is coming and with that, nearly every girl’s favorite fashion season. You say goodbye to your swimsuits and shorts and say hello to your scarfs, long sweaters, and jackets you’ve dearly missed. You don’t even mind that the weather is getting crisp because now you can snuggle up with some warm apple cider next to your guy at the pumpkin patch while wearing your favorite tweed blazer and infinity scarf.

But of course fall fashion wouldn’t be so fantastic if it wasn’t for boots. Boots are a fall fashion must-have. But, are you a little stuck on what boots are best for you for this fall, you’re in luck. Here is a list of some fall boot staples with ideas on how to wear them for ultimate style.

Combat Boots

These are for your inner punk rock goddess. You may feel comfortable in ballet flats and magenta dresses, but let yourself be daring this fall with some new combat boots. They are best purchased in black or charcoal. You can tie them tight or leave the top laces loose. The tight laces lend themselves to a preppier, sophisticated look while the untied version is more punk-inspired. Combat boots pair well with a concert t-shirt, some black skinny jeans, and disheveled hair parted down the middle. You can also wear them with a beanie and lumberjack shirt for a night out to the haunted house. For a slightly fancier occasion, like a fall dinner party, wear your combat boots with a plaid dress, tights, and fishtail-braided hair—a school girl gone bad type of outfit.



If you’re not really a boots kind of girl, booties are an excellent gateway shoe. They aren’t quite boots or high heels but a happy mixture between the two. Booties come in a variety of different fabrics, textures, and styles and you can decide between a high heel, a low heel, or even a flat. Some even have rhinestones or spikes on them if you want to make them more unique.

A great fall outfit idea for this type of boot is a taupe, suede, low-heeled bootie with distressed jeans folded once at the bottom. For the top of the outfit, you can wear a striped long-sleeve shirt with a sleeveless fur or leather vest. Don’t forget the cherry on top of any fall outfit—a big, overpowering knit scarf.

Another superb outfit combination for a dressier look is a pencil skirt with a flowy blouse, pretty scarf, and booties. You could wear a chevron, tight, knee-length skirt with a black blouse and black booties for a chic look all of your friends will want.

Knee-High Leather Boots

Often called riding boots because of the inspiration derived from the traditional English riding boots, these knee-high leather boots are a wardrobe basic. Best in black, honey, or a dark shade of brown, these boots can come with buckles, zippers and other nice accessories. These boots are paired well with shorts if you live in a warmer fall climate, accentuating the length of your leg. They also can be combined with blazers and trench coats as the fall weeks slip into winter. But don’t feel restricted by these ideas—these boots can go with nearly everything in your closet. They are the most versatile boots of all.


The Best Boots for Fall

Rain Boots

In some areas, fall brings a lot of cool rain that eventually turns into falling snow. Rain boots are exceptional for this type of weather. They come in an innumerable amount of colors and patterns—you can get rain boots with little whales on them or houndstooth boots with aqua accents. Rain boots are excellent for a more casual look and are balanced well with a long wool sweater, jeans, and a messy bun. They are also great with long coats. Of course their best accessory is a cute matching umbrella. For fall, wear rain boots that incorporate fall colors like navy blue, palatinate purple, or forest green. Pair these rich fall hues with a leopard scarf and an off-white sweater. Reserve your pink rain boots for spring.


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Western-Inspired Boots

We all love a little mix of American culture in our closets. Add some playful shoes into your wardrobe with western-inspired boots. These boots come in many beautiful patterns and colors and you can find great dedignd online by checking out specialty stores like A. A. Callister. Mix these shoes with a long lace dress or distressed jeans. They are also stylish with a long chambray shirt and flowy skirt.

This fall, have fun with fall fashion and try new ideas. Break away from your expected outfits and buy that pair of combat boots or cowboy boots you wouldn’t have been caught dead in last year. Give yourself room to explore and enjoy the coming fall season stylishly.


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