Shopping with Payless for your Holiday Season Needs

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I am so excited that I am partnered up with Payless to share  their shoe collection for the Holiday Season and finding the right fit for all of your holiday needs. I am planning to showcase three looks in this series: Cozy look for Fall/Winter, a Mommy and Me look, and a holiday Dress look. All three looks will be so different but perfectly tailored to these different types of events in your life. It also happens to be the perfect time to buy boots for your family because they are half off! I went into the store to find boots just for me but was pleasantly surprised when I found pairs of boots that I loved for my little ones too! Payless has a wide variety of looks that are on trend and fit a wide variety of styles. I was so pleased with the assistance that I got from the Payless employee as well. She was willing to check on different styles and sizes for me and even helped me decide which look would be the best for the look I was trying to achieve. I should have taken a picture of the stacks of shoes I had lined up because it was a little bit crazy! 🙂 So what did I come home with? I found these boots for my son, I wanted to find boots for him that could withstand the snow but easy enough to put on himself. I also like to make sure that I buy the boots big enough to grow a bit and that will allow for big, warm socks. My son loved them! Colin Boot, Payless For Jayne I wanted to find a boot that wouldn’t look too “snow day” but would still protect her from the elements. I thought these little boots were perfect and was happily surprised to find that they had them in my size as well! laney boot, payless     Finding just the right sweater is only best when you find just the right cozy boots for Fall! I love this time of year and was shocked when I dressed up for this shoot and realized I was NOT over-dressed. It is getting cold! View More: These boots are are a lot of fun because they can be worn two ways. You can wear them zipped all the way up to be knee high boots or wear them half way down for a cozy, on-trend look. I was able to buy these boots for only $29.99 (with the half of deal) and I absolutely love them. They are easy to slip on as you head out the door for a day out and cozy enough to shovel snow in. View More: More: More: I can’t wait to show you the other treasures I found in my upcoming posts! You will want to go redeem the half off boots sale now because baby it’s getting cold outside! You can find more ideas with Payless on PinterestbootHere are some of my other favchristian siriano bootsorites: deflex boot Happy Holidays! We had our first falling snow today, I can’t believe how quickly it has snuck up on us. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow our YouTube Channel, and watch our day to day happenings on Pinterest and Instagram! camille walker,

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