A fun Baby Challenge for Dad’s to be

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fisher-Price for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fisher Price, Baby Challenge, My Mommy Style, cute babies, baby, pinnable As promised I am bringing you a fun little post to share with you the features of the new Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard. This challenge had to be taken on by a non-parent who was unfamiliar with being a parent in attempts to display how easy and intuitive it is to set up Fisher Price’s new play yard. Thankfully my brother-in-law Scott graciously accepted and we had fun setting up an obstacle course for him to follow. I teased him by saying that he could put this on his resume for his future wife as he is learning some nice skills! As I reflect on this challenge it would actually be a really fun thing to do for a new Mom/Dad to be if you are hosting a baby shower.

The challenge took on four parts:

1.Feeding Station: cut up food, and feed baby a bottle

2.Buckle baby in and out of the car seat

3.Change baby’s diaper

4.Set up play yard, put baby in play area and napping area

Station 1, feed baby, fisher price, my mommy style

We had a good laugh as Jett was not too happy about being placed in a strange chair to be fed. This really is a true parenting moment, it isn’t all smiles! TIME: 1 minute 23 seconds, we didn’t have him feed him the whole plate because obviously that wasn’t happening! 🙂

Fisher Price, Baby Challenge, feed baby,

fisher price baby challenge, car seat Station two went well with the car seat, Scott was a pro at this! TIME: 1 minute and 39 seconds putting baby in the car seat and taking him out. change baby, baby challenge, fisher price challenge Station three was smooth sailing, Scott had never seen a changing pad before and didn’t even know they existed so it was pretty funny to him figure that part out. The actual changing diaper part was smooth sailing, we decided to be nice to him and not give him a poopy diaper to change. TIME:46 seconds! Nice. Fisher Price light and easy play yard, baby challenge, my mommy style I wish I had a picture of the reactions of the parents that were there and are familiar with the traditional play yard because this one does pop open and come together so easily. Scott put it together like a pro. The Ultra-Lite Day & Night Play Yard is versatile, acts as a sleeper, portable changing table, and play yard Fisher Price Play yard, baby challenge, light baby sleeperTIME: 2 minutes and 32 seconds putting play yard together, putting baby in, putting in infant attachment and buckling baby in. Not bad at all! IMG_4961 The look of triumph! He did awesome, total time was 7 minutes and 12 seconds. I know who to call next when I need a babysitter! A big thank you to Scott and my sweet family for donating their babies to this challenge, we had a lot of fun watching their reactions to the craziness. Just today I was helping a friend who’s baby is suffering from reflux and needs a better solution so her baby can sleep at night. I suggested she try this Fisher-Price play yard as it is small in size and would work wonderfully up next to her bed and with the inclined sleeper that would be much more comfortable for her baby. My daughter suffered from silent reflux which is when the baby does have milk/acid burning the throat as it comes up when laid down but it isn’t necessarily being spit up, she would swallow it back down. I did sleep her in an elevated position but had to use a bouncer within in a play yard and that wasn’t very convenient. I also had her on an antacid to help for the first year or so, when she was old enough to lift up her head and roll over on her own I slept her on her tummy as well and that was another good solution for us.Purchase at Walmart

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