20 week bump update

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I’m half way done!

It feels really good to be able to say that. Paul and I were talking the other day and I asked him if he thought it has been going fast so far and he laughed and said no. I would have to agree with that sentiment. 🙂 I am trying my very best to enjoy this stage of my pregnancy because I am feeling relatively normal and I am enjoying the baby’s soft bumps and movements. With this baby being our last I am feeling all sorts of bitter sweet emotions. With each passing day I take notice of small things like the kids feeling the baby move for the first time or the welcome flutter of movement after I eat. It is strange to think of this being my last time and I hope more than anything that I will feel complete and know when the baby is born.

Now that I know the gender I feel like I have a whole new lease on purging the house of extras that I don’t need and that includes all of the baby girl clothes that I’ve been hanging onto. Why is it so hard to get rid of baby girl clothes!? I had to turn away as Paul dumped bins of clothing into bags to be added to our pile of a future garage sale so that I wouldn’t get too emotional about it. Then I decided, why not look? Memories came flooding back as I  held clothes that Jayne wore on her blessing day, her first swimsuit, the sweater she was wearing when she first walked, and the blanket I wrapped her in as a newborn. I found it wasn’t so terrible to look through some of the things, but Paul didn’t want me looking for too long as it did slow things down a bit.

So yeah. We are prepping for a garage sale and in the madness I somehow convinced Paul it would be a good time to start finishing the basement! When Paul and I got married he was NOT by any stretch of the imagination a “fix it” guy. Over the last few years of our marriage I have watched him change as he started with building storage shelves, and then this past summer he built us a gorgeous deck which I can’t wait to take finished pictures of in the Spring when the snow melts. Some where along the way he fell in love with creating and he is dang good at it! He loves measurements, numbers, and doing things really well. I am kind of a mess when I tackle a project like that and tend to use “my eye” rather than pulling out the ruler. Let’s just say its a good thing he is doing it and not me!

We spent the holiday weekend with framing and I getting more excited than ever to save money in efforts to finish our basement. I cannot express enough how thankful I am to you all for reading and supporting My Mommy Style. It really is my dream job to share and write and the fact that I can make money to help with extra projects on the side is the best ever. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

So the pregnancy:

Cravings: I am pretty much down for a burger or a salad any time. I’ve also been loving Cheetos, the little devils.

Weight gain: Oy, I went to my doctor’s appointment right after the holidays and had put on 10 lbs since my appointment the month before. Yeah, eating for the holidays has been pretty much awesome. I seem to always have a really big jump in the second trimester, so I wasn’t really that surprised.

Activity level: I have been sucking at this lately. Like no motivation what so ever to make it happen. It is my goal to get my booty on the treadmill at least 30 minutes a day 4x’s a week. I need to do better with this!

Discomfort: I have scoliosis and my back/hips are starting to give me some issues. This usually doesn’t creep in until the third trimester, but I figure this is what must happen by baby #4.

Going natural?: Yes, this is still the plan. I need to start my prep courses and will share the steps with you on YouTube. I plan to start recording them next week. You can read more about hypnobabies HERE. You can follow these videos I’ll be making

Comments: “Wow, you have really filled out. I didn’t start showing until I was six months. You are going to be having a big baby.” “You’re pregnant? I didn’t even notice?” “Let me look at you and determine if this is a boy or a girl.” “Mom, you are getting chubby!”

The last half of our pregnancy will involve a trip to Disney World, de-cluttering, finishing the basement (which will probably take a year), having a garage sale, a baptism, a birthday, and the end of school. I can do this!


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