Baby Floral Giveaway, a bump update, and YIVA Naturals Winner

It is hard to believe how quickly this last month has passed and I am really looking forward to some cooler weather! It’s hard to believe we are in the third week of September and it is still 88 degrees!

How far along?  31 Weeks
Total Weight gain/loss: I never answer this question because let’s face it, the weight it happening whether I like it or not. I should change it to, “Any new stretch marks?” Which is possibly equally as depressing! And no, no new stretch marks (yet.)
Maternity Clothes?  Yep!
Sleep:  This little guy definitely has a sleep cycle he sticks to. He is also sensitive to noises and my alertness because if anything wakes me up in the middle of the night he wakes up too. I am just trying to enjoy the sleep I am getting because I know from experience that it gets worse!
Best moment this week:  Having a sweet neighbor tell me “I am blossoming, but that is a good thing.” It meant a lot coming from her because she wasn’t able to carry her children to term and truly understands the blessing it is to have the baby growing inside of you no matter how uncomfortable you may be.  Which is WAY better than, “Gee, you are HUGE!” or “I can see you’re getting chubby!” Both of which I have heard. Ha ha.
Miss Anything?  Sure, I miss bending over comfortably, working out, not groaning or hissing in pain as I try to get up or down!
Movement:  Lots of movement from this little guy, he is starting to make a few jabs that surprise me, especially if they are directed toward my bladder.
Food cravings:   fruity soda drinks. I obviously need to drink more water.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nope!
Symptoms:  I can tell my hips are starting to loosen up and get sore as I move. Sometimes I feel normal, but mostly I can feel the tiredness and achiness of the third trimester creepin’ in. The compression tights are helping the varicose veins though.
Labor Signs: Negative
Belly Button in or out? Out
Weddings rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time:   Mostly normal?
Looking forward to:  Walking weather and wanting to sleep with covers on~




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Have a great week!

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