Yiva Naturals: A Natural Solution for Infertility, Menopause, and more

I have been thinking a lot about womanhood, motherhood, pregnancy, menopause, and changes in a woman’s life lately. As a young girl or even a young bride for that matter I never worried about whether or not I would be able to become pregnant or become a Mother. It is just something that happens, right? In my first year of marriage I actually remember PRAYING that I would not become pregnant in hopes that I could at least have one married year that I was neither pregnant or taking care of a new baby. Don’t get me wrong, I had always wanted to be a Mother, but having gotten married at only 20 years old I was hoping to have some more “alone” time if you know what I mean. I also think it is a unique time in your life that you can be married without children and really get to know each other better, have time to travel, finish up school, and start your career.

Fast forward a few years later and I had my first child at 24 which seemed like a perfect time for us. My pregnancy with Jackson was not an easy one, but I certainly felt blessed that he was born healthy and made our family so much more than it ever was before.  For me, it wasn’t until I came to this point in my life that my eyes started to become open to the strain and heartache that could come from the yearning for a child and the roller coaster that infertility can be. I learned this from my brother and sister in law as they struggled through rounds of infertility treatments and years of disappointment and frustration. It was after two rounds of invitro fertilization that they were blessed with a perfect baby boy.

A few years later when we were ready to try for another and I was still quite naïve in my own experience thinking that things would just happen. Well, getting pregnant wasn’t such a problem, but my “perfect world” came crashing down a bit when I experienced my first miscarriage. I am not writing this to say that I have been through the worst of it, because I know that is not the case. I am also not trying to diminish the significance of a miscarriage either. It is a loss, a death, and an extremely hard one to go through. Since that time I have experienced another miscarriage, and I almost lost this baby that I am pregnant with now. I am thankful for the experiences that I have had because it has opened conversations with those around me in ways that I would not be able to empathize with before. It also made me so much aware of all of the struggles that my friends/family/fellow women every where go through every single day.

I was just talking to Janae about this the other day when she was so nervous about sharing her story about her hysterectomy. “It is just so personal, I don’t know if I should share it.” ~Janae, To which I responded, “I love that we are in a generation that DOES share experiences like this. We live in a society where it is finally okay to talk about the heartache and worry that we go through. It opens up conversation about so much more and it is a way that we can heal and work through it together.” (It was something like that anyway.) But it’s true, don’t you think? It is our individual choice how much we share and the internet has opened the door for conversation on so many topics that we could never have known before. Questions that may seem too embarrassing or too painful to ask in a group setting and for that I am so grateful.

Very shortly after my second miscarriage I attended the “Build Your Blog” conference put on by “Six Sisters’ Stuff” and was introduced to “Yiva Naturals“. The company told us about their product and explained that from their own experiences with infertility they looked for something more to help them in their journey to have a family. A doctor had developed an all natural solution that promotes fertility in women using raspberry leaf extract. To their immense surprise and delight they became pregnant in only a few short months. They were so excited about their success that they wanted to share this discovery with others. They approached the doctor and asked if  they could purchase his formula from him and he agreed to let them and Yiva Naturals was born.

This company was new and had actually brought samples for those interested to try. It is advised that you take it twice daily (drops) under the tongue until achieving pregnancy. I thought, there is certainly no harm in trying and anything I could do to help my chances of a healthy pregnancy I was willing to try. Because this is an all natural product you can feel confident in knowing that it is good for your body. After taking it for a couple of months I got pregnant too! I will say, that becoming pregnant typically isn’t hard for me, but I can also tell you that it made me feel like I was doing something extra to help my body be prepared and strong for a healthy pregnancy in an all-natural way.

Here is another cool thing that I just learned, that they have branched out with their all-natural products to offer products for women’s health through a lifetime.


This is their “daily balance” formula that has been made to help with monthly periods, post partum, menopause, and healthy hormone balance in general. I plan to try this when I am done with my pregnancy and will let you know what I think! Here is more information directly from their website,

“Yiva Naturals is enjoying terrific success with a lot more than just their fertility drops.  They now have Women’s Daily Balance, a formula which helps alleviate symptoms related to PMS and menopause (hot flashes, irregular cycles, bloating, cramping, and migraines, to just a name a few).    And people are reporting fantastic results from our all-natural allergy relief drops and other products. Their approach is to teach the body to cope with allergens versus over-reacting to them.

Knowing the history and the passion that the Yiva Naturals team has about their products, you will see why their motto is  “Born out of necessity, shared because we care.”


Here is the great news, Yiva Naturals wants to give all of the “My Mommy Style” readers 10% off either of their products!


You can find more information directly on their site HERE.


We also have a bottle to give away to one lucky reader! I know there isn’t a cure all for everyone in every single situation, but if you think this is something you would like or know someone who would like to try it please do not hesitate, they have helped a lot of people achieve their dream of carrying a child.




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  • Christine Akuaku

    I love this Product! Back in 2014 I used the fertility boost for just 2 months and my husband I was able to conceive our beautiful Daughter,Eva after three years of trying with no luck. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to get pregnant.ReplyCancel


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